Tokyo’s Starbucks’ Filled With Digital Flora

The Context:

Greenhouse-style Starbucks opening next month in western Tokyo will use a combination of light and sound to display digital flora all year round. Opening on March 14, just in time for the highly anticipated cherry blossom season, the new Starbucks cafe is set inside the Hana Biyori greenhouse, belonging to a new Japanese garden run by Yomiutiland (Tokyo’s most popular amusement parks). The cafe will be decorated with rows of flower beds and an abundance of real plants including begonia, fuchsia, geranium, bellflower, and petunia.


Features of Starbucks’ Cafe:

The cafe is 1500 sqm in space and will feature an abundant green and blooming flowering plants, some hanging from the ceiling. Covering a total length of 60 meters, the branch uses 20 projectors and 18 different speakers, creating a mesmerizing experience for people visiting the cafe.

Starbucks Tokyo Greenhouse Aquarium 3

  1. The Cafe will go dark four to six times a day, projecting digital flora and fauna across the space creating an immersive audio-visual experience.
  2. The southern terrace features flower fields, and western terrace offers a glimpse of a nearby Japanese garden with its two imposing Bodhisattva statues & 17th-century pagoda.
  3. Not just flowers, there will also be two different large aquariums housing a total of 1,200 colorful fish spanning 50 species. These 26- foot tank will be filled with colorful corals and saltwater fish from Okinawa, 9.8-foot tanks filled with rock formations and greenery.

starbucks greenhouse location tokyo designboom 2

The dark effect when lights go out, you’ll see the best part of the space – digital projections, coupled with sound, incorporating on-site greenery and flowers to create immersive audio-visual treat. There will be four shows daily on weekdays and six shows on weekends and holidays.

Starbucks’ on-site otter enclosure, where one can get to know about and learn about creatures, fishes and flowers, whole biodiversity at a rate of 300 Yen. The cafe will also have rotating workshops to make our own moss terrarium, bottle aquarium or flower arrangement, starting from 2000 Yen.

image 1

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