Garena Free Fire: RAMPAGE


The game GARENA FREE FIRE was launched in the year 2017. The game is developed by 111DOTS STUDIO and published by GARENA. The game GARENA FREE FIRE is an online Multiplayer Battle Royal game. The game is most trending on play store with 500 million downloads. GARENA FREE FIRE: RAMPAGE is a 24th season of the game. The game is developing with each season with the new update. The game is developing more facilities for their players and giving certain gifts to the player in each season. GARENA FREE FIRE changes its season every month.

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This game is a bit different than PUBG. The game contains tokens which are given to us by completing some missions while playing the game. After completing the missions and collecting tokens, you can claim coins our other gifts from FREE PASS which contains two passes free pass and ELITE PASS. FREE PASS is given free from the game whereas ELITE PASS can be purchased by diamonds by our own money in the game. The game also contains different characters in it. All the characters in the game have a special ability like:

  • Fast running
  • Identifying and scanning the enemy
  • Slincer killer

and more. this all characters and ability can be obtained by a coin which is given by the game. But there are more characters which are needed to be obtained by diamonds. these characters have very high powered abilities such as Self-healing, turning into Gilli bush and more.


In the new season of GARENA FREE FIRE updates, the game has been giving a new character to each player if the game. The name of the character is WOLFRA. In this season the game also has released a new gun which is named as M82B which is an SNIPER RIFLE. It keeps an ability to see through gloo wall and kill player standing beside it.

The game has also kept chairs in them while playing in which we can sit and apply medicates and heal our selves. In the clash squad ranked mode after reaching at gold 3, the game is giving free skin of DESERT EAGLE pistol. The game has also added new gun skins and some clothes. The game has also done some bug fixing and developed the game.


GARENA FREE FIRE: RAMPAGE has many maps and mode to play the game.

  1. MAPS:– There are three maps in the game, which are BERMUDA, PURGATORY and KHALARI. You can play these maps in CLASSIC MODE.
  2. RANKED MODE:– The Ranked mode can be played in Bermuda and             Purgatory map.
  3. CLASH SQUAD AND CLASH SQUAD RAKED:– This mode can be played in Bermuda and Khalari map.
  4. TEAM DEATH MAP:– This mode can be played in Bermuda map.

The strategy teams to play the game are SOLO, DUO, SQUAD, SOLO VS SQUAD and DUO VS SQUAD.

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The game can be played on:-

  • IOS
  • We can also play this game on MICROSOFT WINDOWS by ANDROID EMULATOR like BLUESTACKS 4, game loop, LD PLAYER etc.


1) RANKED MODE AND CLASSIC MODE:- This two modes are the same to play but Ranked mode keeps and ability to increase or decrease Rank by winning or losing, whereas classic mode doesn’t. The ranked mode can be played in two maps whereas classic mode can be played in three maps. In Ranked mode the ranks to be increased are:

BRONZE:-1, 2, 3

SILVER:-1, 2, 3

GOLD:-1, 2, 3, 4

PLATINUM:– 1, 2, 3, 4

DIAMOND:– 1, 2, 3, 4


2) CLASH SQUAD RANKED AND CLASH SQUAD:- This mode is also the same as the first one but the game is played by two squads. They need to battle with each other in a small part of the map. The game contains seven rounds and the teams which win up to four rounds wins the match. This mode also contains the same ranks given above.

3) TEAM DEATHMATCH:- This mode is also played by two squads and needs to score forty points to win the match.

So grab up the game and enjoy Rampaging in it.

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Ameya Hivarkar
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