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Mumbai Gullies

Mumbai Gullies is a GTA styled video game, which is being developed in India by a Indian Game Developer company named GameEon. As we know,...

Passive Design Strategies for Today’s Architecture

Passive design helps take advantage of the climate to maintain a comfortable temperature in one's home. the energy efficiency of a building can be...

5 Expert tips for Dealing with Unpaid Architect Fees

Every business that specializes in architecture will have had unpaid architect fees. In the UK the problem is very prevalent with a many architects...

Architecture & Natural Light

Natural light has an effect on a human's health, mood, and comfort in their surroundings. Thoughtful use of natural light plays an important role...

Hades, The Best Game Of 2020

Introduction:- Hades is a Roguelike action role-playing video game played in a single-player mode in isothermic view. it is Developed and Published by Supergiant Games....

Emotional Impact of Architecture

With the majority of everyone's time is spent indoors, in buildings such as offices, schools, and home, the environment we spend our time in...

Credit Card Skimmer Fills Fake PayPal Forms With Stolen Order Information

A newly discovered Cybercrime in Credit Cards is conducted on a large scale. In this Credit, Card Skimmer targets PayPal company. The skimmer uses...

Courtyards in Modern Architecture

Courtyards have existed for thousands of years in our country traditionally being used as a center point for a house that kept the interior...

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