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6 Must-Have Tech Gadgets To Improve Your Lifestyle In 2023

With so many new technology advancements happening each year, it’s hard to keep up with what’s trending. But don’t worry – here’s a list of some of the most important tech gadgets to have in 2023.

WhatsApp Data Breach – Data Of 500 Million WhatsApp Users Leaked

WhatsApp, the world’s biggest social media platform, again gets compromised and seems to be in trouble for its data and privacy. A cybercrime report...

JIO Cloud Gaming – What Is It? How Does it Work?

Jio has stated that it would launch its Cloud Gaming Services in India across several platforms, including smartphones, web apps, and set-top boxes, after...

Top 5 Upcoming Games of 2023

Everyone is aware that 2022 is quickly coming to a close and 2023 is quickly approaching, and that with this comes the release of...

Best 5 Budget Gaming Monitors You Can Purchase In 2022

Monitors are the main aspect of computer system, there are various types of monitors available for sale in the market. And when it comes...

God of War: Ragnarök Review

The most awaited game of the year has finally launched, which has created a place in the hearts of all God of War fans....

Emotet Is Back From Vacation

Emotet, an advanced, self-propagating, modular Trojan is back after a long “spring break” with some new nasty tricks and has started affecting various devices....

Dropbox Data Breach: How Hackers Stole GitHub Repositories

Dropbox discloses a security breach through a phishing attack, due to which unauthorized hackers stole around 130 repository codes on GitHub. The company discovered the...

Google Soon to Rollout Passkey feature For Android and Chrome

Google recently revealed that they are working on their new passwordless feature also known as Passkeys, which is to be rolled out for Chrome...

Stadia Is Shutting Down

Google Stadia unexpectedly announced that Stadia will shut down on 18th Jan 2023, and google will be refunding all the purchases made through the...

Check Out These 7 Games Best for a Busy Lifestyle

As they say, the future is wireless. Gone are when you could only play games on your console or PC. Nowadays, you can play...

Raft by Redbeet Interactive

Making Of Game Raft is an open-world survival video game played in single-player or multiplayer game mode in first-person perspective view, which was developed by...


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