Valentino Gareri’s New Model of Education

Valentino Gareri’s new model of education combines all age groups into a close-knit campus while offering a spatial experience and a better study environment. Architecture shapes society and students are an integral part of what the future holds on society. Hence he emphasizes on creating a space that will offer more than four walls and some benches to prosper their education.

The Tree House School :

The Tree House school offers the space, built area, and a combination of areas such as cafeteria and library which will offer a wide variety of spaces for children to engage in conversations, reading, and, improving their soft skills as well.

Architecture can impact users in such a manner that ensures their progression, whether it be education, leisure, work, or living conditions. It is the design skills, understanding of human behaviour, and experience that lets us create such built spaces exclusive for the user group.

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Planning of the school :

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The circular form is the definition of free movement, as stated in the book Form, Space, and Order, Ching has elaborated the circular movement to be the most unrestrictive form, which encourages travel from one space to another, psychologically playing a very important role.

He took the engaging contrast between the ‘fun’ in a treehouse and moulded it into an educational purpose, which was astounding to teachers, administrative staff, and students. The concept once developed, served the right choice for materials, also keeping in mind the environmental concerns, encouraging natural light and ventilation in the classrooms, and inhabiting a large ground for children to play in.

The Green Terrace Feature :

The roofs are usable, as outdoor and indoor spaces. This gives the flexibility of educational activities, which would help children learn properly, and the development of personality can also be seen with an increase in extracurricular activities.

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Use of elements such as louvres :

It helped in creating interesting facades, maximum sunlight, and a blocked yet wide view outside the window. The elements that increase the value for passive techniques are the need of the day since we are learning the value of sustainability, and each architect tries to make the designed space that complements the environment as well.

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Is it the architectural adaptation to the Post-COVID World?

Every job, profession, and person is adapting to ‘new normal’, which is becoming the reality of today. Children being trapped in a world where they must wear masks, keep a distance, and sit and a distance is a sad adaptation for today’s survival.


This model of education is the survival strategy as well, as it offers large spaces, outdoor spaces, and large recreation places as well. It is divided into two parts, having four blocks, with sustainability, and modular design in mind of the Architect. The profession has encouraged progression, which is depicted through this model as well. Though, it is not always about the materials, expensive interiors. Architecture is about the space, ambience, and an intangible impact that stays with you even after you leave the space.

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Ayushi Arora
Ayushi Arora
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