World’s Most Extraordinary Homes : A Review

Every Architect is fascinated by something he can watch and learn from, if you’re a creative who is getting bored, or scrolling through Netflix trying to find the perfect next watch, I would recommend you to watch this. It is hosted by a talented architect Piers Taylor and an extremely boisterous realtor, Caroline Quentin. Caroline with her charm and wit will win your heart, while Piers will make you go throw intangible aspects of buildings so beautifully that you could have your literature study written. From the videography to narration, it is wonderful how they can capture the strong features such as skylines, topography, and context and mould into a web series. It is available on Netflix.

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Though I don’t want to give you spoilers, here is an overview of few homes, if this gets you going, grab some snacks and binge this creative piece :

  1. The Cloak House by Gary Lawson and Nicholas Stevens: Did they decide to birth an origami structure with concrete, because that is how it looks, vividly and widely. Adapted from the context, and contours, it complements the landscape with the scenery. It is a majestic concrete structure with no metal and wood. The light travels through from one corner to another which also gives a feeling of warmth, which is difficult to be attained through concrete.3 5
  2. Collage House, S+SP Architects (India): When Carolina sees the building, she says in astonishment that she instantly fell in love with the building. The residence is called the ‘Collage House’ because of the beautiful collage of wooden doors. There is a print-block wall that was handpicked by the owner and used as an ornamental wall inside the house. With contemporary materials, and building techniques it came as a surprise to how two poles apart qualities would fit perfectly into a single model, with elements such as waterfall, outdoor living space.4 1
  3. The House Cast in Liquid Stone (India): Fascinated, Caroline and Pier climb through the stairs to explore this house. It is built in the serene area, Khopoli, Maharashtra. It is built with the ambiguity of inside and outside the relationship. The SPASM Architects have used the traditional technique of courtyards in the middle of the home which gives the natural light as well as ventilation throughout the residence. When the architects were questioned about the concept, gracefully Ar. Sangeeta explains the culture of India of joint families and sharing common spaces as a valued tradition in India.5 3
  4. SOLO HOUSE 2, Office KGDVS (Spain): Turning tradition on its head, Piers and Carolina find a breathtaking holiday home known as the SOLO House 2, which was designed by KGDVS. The house portrays the limitless creative freedom that was given to the architect by the client, which helped him design the masterpiece, it is today. Piers states that it is the ‘timeless’ way of making a place, while Caroline being speechless, stumble upon the word ‘Sacred’ to describe it. It has a Utility room, bedrooms, kitchen, and diner. The kitchen is adjacent to the wilderness without a doubt, which makes cooking not only a chore but a peaceful activity that might take place at any time of the day. 6 2
  5. VEGA COTTAGE, Kolman Boye Architects (Norway): Pier calls it ‘epitome of Norwegian understatement home’. It delicately camouflages itself with the rocks, while the foundation is made as an outline to the topography of the landscape where it is built. The entrance is thoughtfully designed at the back of the house, keeping in mind that gale can take the knob out of the hand if wind flow is forceful. The home is made is 140 square meters, the house is planned in two segregated blocks, dividing the private and the public, semi-public. The ordinary shape take from the ‘primitive hut’ tucked mindfully into the landscape makes it into a piece of architecture. 7 1
  6. J HOUSE, Pitsou Kedem Architects (Isreal): With the entrance as the tropical planting, and warm welcome, it is an enormous space with no expense being spared in the palatial family home. The natural light, essence of the pool provides a calm connection with the outside world. There are small elements that create beautiful sitting spaces in the garden and by the poolside. The inside-outside is divided through glass sliding doors, which makes it a part of the garden when slid onto the side. through the majestic white staircase, it takes you down to the recreational zone i.e bar and home theatre. While upstairs is as serene. While the client, she bought courage to the house with some vibrant colours in the corners, textures on some display walls. All over, it was a lengthy project but filled with warmth, grace, and love. 8 2

In my opinion, obviously someone who finds Architecture intriguing, the understanding of space, materials, and climate would increase when you watch this show. Apart from that, The Hosts Piers Taylor and Caroline make it a wonderful experience. The way they engage you in the show, with their tips, charm, and wit will keep you hooked on the series.

Waiting for season 3 to amaze us a little more.

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Ayushi Arora
Ayushi Arora
Is an architect, a passionate writer and has a keen interest in UX/UI Designing. Apart from writing, she is fond of exploring the unseen parts of the city through the eyes of an architect.

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