All About NEOM: The Sci – Fi City

Saudi Arabia is planning to build the smart city NEOM, which is set to be unlike any place on earth. This is the project led by the current prince of Saudi Arabia and is progressing day by day. They are attempting to build a Sci-Fi city with lots of technology embedded in order to increase tourist attraction, which will greatly benefit the country.

NEOM: What Is It, Exactly?


Prince Mohammed launched NEOM, Saudi Arabia’s main commercial and tourist development on the red sea coast, for the first time in 2017. It is a core initiative with a strategy for diversifying the economy by 2030. The project’s budget exceeds one trillion dollars, and it will feature several hotels, resorts, research facilities, Sports, entertainment venues, and tourist’s centers, as well as its three mega-projects, ‘Sindhala,’ ‘The Line,’ ‘Oxagon,’ and ‘Trojena.’

NEOM is aimed to address some of the most worldwide difficulties metropolitan areas confront and to provide an alternative lifestyle. The developing metropolis is expected to maintain around 95% of the surrounding natural environment and showcase humanity’s link with the natural world. All energy in Neom will come from solar, wind, and hydrogen-based power production, assuring a carbon-positive, zero-emission environment that represents a significant departure from an oil-based economy. This will be accomplished with the aid of technology and exquisite architecture, which will play a significant part in the development of this kind of city.

Line in NEOM

neom the line

The Line is reportedly the first mega-project to be constructed in the metropolis of NEOM. This project is totally developed using AI (Artificial Intelligence) and architecture technologies. The Line will be home to 9 million persons and will be constructed with a 34 km2 (170 km) footprint in a straight line that is 200m wide and 500m long. This is the first Zero-Gravity city to be constructed. The Line will encompass residences, workplaces, and other facilities within a five-minute walking distance. Using superior Architecture and Technology, you will be able to move from one end to the other without a car in 20 minutes.

The Line will have a mirror facade, allowing even its footprint to “mix with nature,” and it will be the first metropolis to be powered by renewable energy, such as wind, solar, and hydrogen, and will have a year-round microclimate with natural ventilation. Due to its lower infrastructural footprint, the linear city will operate on 100% renewable energy, have no roads, vehicles, or emissions, and preserve 95% of its land for wildlife. Using AI technology, service will become autonomous, saving a great deal of time and work. The layout of the city places a greater emphasis on health and happiness than on transportation and infrastructure. The first city that springs to mind upon viewing this is one portrayed in movies or literature, yet it is presently being created.


oxagon main hero thumbnail

The OXAGON is an area of NEOM, where they want to build a hexagon-shaped floating city that will transform the global industrial sector. This mega-project is devoted to the futuristic research laboratories, businesses, and logistics that are dispersed around the red sea; they are creating a Sci – Fi silicon valley with a green energy flavor.

This project will be made feasible utilising cutting-edge Robotics, AI, ML (Machine Learning), and other technologies. It will also have the world’s biggest automated port and integrated logistics with a framework to expedite and streamline global commerce. This will also be a place where people may live and work above water. It is incredible because here is a location where people, industry, and technology will coexist in harmony with the natural environment.


trojena page thumbnail

NEOM TROJENA mountains. It is a one-of-a-kind worldwide destination powered by cutting-edge neom technology. It is situated 50 kilometres from the Gulf of Aqaba’s coast. The breathtaking architecture and ingenious engineering are harmoniously integrated into the region’s natural setting.

Trojena contains world-class entertainment that will host the world’s most spectacular parties, the world’s most advanced health and wellness centre, where you can enrich both your soul and body, and, perhaps most surprisingly, an outdoor ski park with a seasonal climate that offers a variety of high-level altitudes that can be experienced on the Arabian peninsula. And, as the name Trojena Mountains of Neom suggests, you may also see the stars like they have never been seen before.



NEOM’s Sindhala Islands. It is an island in the red sea that is linked to the Mediterranean Sea. It is an island filled with elegance, a lively atmosphere, resorts, beach clubs, a golf course, a marina, and other settlements. This is the ideal vacation place for everyone, even those with refined tastes.

More About NEOM

With all of these developments and mega-projects, NEOM is also preparing for the Diriyah E – Prix with its McLaren Formula E Team. The Neom Beach Games demonstrate its potential to hold international sporting activities. 600 students are empowered by Neom to access future career options.

  • A futuristic metropolis powered by renewable energy is Saudi Arabia’s current priority.

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