Top 10 Enterprise Architecture Certification

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An enterprise architect serves a primary role in establishing a firm’s IT infrastructure. He maintains and updates the hardware, software, and other IT-related services to guarantee that it supports the goals of the enterprise.

With the growing demand to align IT strategy with set business goals, the role of an enterprise architect is growing in the industry. An architecture certification can enhance the career, whether in software, cloud, applications, or systems.

Achieving certification is the best way to validate your skills in this career. Companies. Nowadays, heavily rely on technology, due to which IT is the firm foundation of any business.

As enterprise architecture certification tests the skills and abilities for working with the frameworks and tools of EA, here are the top 10 certificates to reinforce your resume.

1. AWS Certified Solution Architect

The exam for this certification covers the construction of an architectural design solution as per the client’s requirements. It assesses the best practices used to implement and oversee the management of an EA project for the long term. 

It demands hands-on experience with AWS services related to the computer, storage, database, and networking to clear the exam. 

2. Axelos ITIL Master Certification

ITIL is a standard IT framework used by enterprise architects to manage the services. This certification is essential to demonstrate your aptitude in the sector of service management. 

To gain the certificate, a prerequisite of 5 years experience in leadership, management, or advisory role is required in an IT sector. 

3. CISSP Information Systems Security Architecture Professional (CISSIP-ISSAP)

This certification is for the professionals already certified with CISSIP who wish to add a specialization in architecture. 

This can be achieved with two additional experience years with a single or more domain in a standard body of knowledge (CBK) by CISSP-ISSAP.

The exam covers security operations architecture, risk management, identity and access management, governance, security architecture modelling compliance, and application security.

4. Dell EMC Proven Professional Cloud Architect Training and Certification

This certification allows you to choose from a list of courses specific to your interest and career. The accreditation covers the requirements and designing of cloud services in the ITaaS environment. It also gives a chance to practice skills in a collaborative design project for cloud services. 

5. EC Council Certified Network Defense Architect (CNDA)

The certification for EC Council is majorly designed for government and military agencies with main goals aligned towards compliance and security. 

Before taking this course, one needs to earn CEH certification and hire a government or military agency.

6. Google Professional Cloud Architect

The certification of Google Professional Cloud Architect illustrates the abilities to work with Cloud technologies by Google. 

It demands calibre to design and plan cloud-based solutions for architecture in the field of security and compliance, along with the management of cloud infrastructure, analysis, and optimization of business processes. It also requires a person to supervise the execution of cloud architecture.

7. Professional Cloud Solutions Architect Certification

The certification designed for the application, technology, system, and enterprise architects by Cloud Credential Council (CCC) covers ITaaS, customer requirements, implementation of cloud technology with an evaluation of cloud solution architecture.

Apart from enterprise architects, it can also be achieved by senior developers and cloud strategy consultants.

8. Red Hat Certified Architect

Red Hat Certified Architect comprises RHCE (Red Hat Certified Engineer), RHCEMD (Red Hat Certified Enterprise Microservices Developer), and RHCJD (Red Hat Certified JBoss Developer). RHCJD is a top-tier certification with other certificates on the developer or system administration paths.

9. Salesforce Certified Technical Architect (CTA)

CTA exhibits the knowledge and skillset to design and propose solutions on the platform of salesforce. It requires a former certificate as a Certified Systems Architect or Certified Application Architect.

10. The Open Group TOGAF 9 Certification

This is one of the highly utilized frameworks for an enterprise architect. It is a globally recognized certificate that showcases the skills for implementation and management of enterprise technology.

Certify your abilities

jeff sheldon Unsplash(Credits: Jeff Sheldon)

The certification is a demonstration of the skills, and calibre one beholds. Getting a certificate is a great way to authenticate your expertise.

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