Krafton Files a Lawsuit against Garena: Free Fire

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PUBG Developer Krafton has filed a lawsuit against Garena:- Free Fire and Free Fire max. and Publisher of the game including Google, and Apple. with a copyright infringement.


What is Krafton?


Krafton is a South Korean game developer company, which develops and distributes video games. This company has taken over the famous game PUBG series which include PUBG, PUBG:- PC, PUBG:- New State, BGMI:- Battleground Mobile India, PUBG:- Player Unknown Battleground Mobile.

What is Garena?


Garena is a Singaporean online game developer and publisher of free games. This company has developed and released, and series of games named Free Fire which include two games, Garena:- Free Fire and Garena:- Free Fire max.

Krafton is suing Garena, the developer of two mobile games that accuses copying of PUBG:- Battleground. And issuing Apple and Google for distributing those games on their app store. With all copyright infringements, and accusing Google of hosting Gameplay videos of those games on YouTube.

Krafton claims that Free Fire and Free Fire max have lifted the elements of Battle Ground and have copied their game.  Krafton notes, “Garena released Free Fire through the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store as a thinly veiled, unauthorized mobile version of Battlegrounds. Tellingly, upon information and belief, Garena rushed the launch of Free Fire to occur before the release of PUBG Mobile, the authorized mobile version of Battlegrounds. Garena subsequently released Free Fire Max to further capitalize on the success it experiences from infringing Battlegrounds through Free Fire.

Krafton alleges that Garena has made hundreds of millions of dollars by selling the game on Apple and Google app stores. It also claims that Krafton had taken a few against it from 21st December and had no response on it, so Krafton decided to take Garena to court.

Why Is a lawsuit Filed?

Krafton a PUBG developer has compared both the games and have found many similarities in Garena Free Fire that have been lifted for PUBG Mobile, the things are as follows:

1)  Transport Plane:- Krafton says that the plane transportation in the game, which is held before the game starts, in which the plane travels through a definite route on the map and lets the player enter the game using skydiving on any place on the map.


2)  Parachute:- Krafton says that the animation and the concept of the parachute are copied by Garena, the parachute is used for a safe landing on the map in the game.


3) Melee Weapons:- Krafton says that Garena has copied the in-game melee weapon, a frying pan, which is used in PUBG. Pan is used to attack an opposing player when the player is out of ammo or guns, the pan can also be used as a secondary armour which can help the player to defend bullets by keeping it on his back and the pan stops the damage to the bullets which are hitting at the back of the player.


4)  Maps:- Krafton says that Garena has copied some places from the PUBG map and different zones in the map such as danger zone, safe zone and many more.


map 1

And many more.

Interestingly, Krafton notes that YouTube should also remove trailers for a Chinese movie called Biubiubiu, a move that “blatantly infringes Battlegrounds.” The developer notes that the movie presents a live-action dramatization of Battlegrounds gameplay.

  • This might or not be the end of Garena, as both the games PUBG and Free Fire are loved and played by lots of players, and this might be bad news for all the Free Fire players.
  • This might affect many people who are dependent on this game, especially Free Fire players and Youtubers.


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