Life Saving Websites for Architecture Students

In the era of digitization, we often look for time-saving websites where because we already end up doing our work when the deadline is hanging over our head. For these reasons, it is always good to have some sites handy that can help us in our presentation skills, designing, and enriching our knowledge regarding the current news in Architecture, and trending Designs.

Some of the life and time websites are :

  1. The Noun Project: The website contains several icons, of different kinds, which are the silhouette based, outlined, and colourful. It is your choice, your aesthetic sense, and your sheet presentation of how and what you choose, but it does save time when all you are to complete are the sheets, just the night before submission.

2. Snazzy Maps: This website can be used when you want to display the maps more creatively and break the monotony of copying google maps on your sheets. This site is also essential for the semester you would be studying urban design, as it also gives a tremendous about of knowledge and small details can be portrayed easily.

3. This website can be used as a shortcut to convert the image/map into a CAD file which may be applicable to your project which drafting the context of the proposed site, a housing case study, or a rural study during your projects.

4. Skalgubbar: Providing a large library for trees, people, plants, and cars, it a perfect site to create your personalized photoshop library before initiating a project. A good presentation goes a long way, therefore it gives you a variety of options while preparing your final design sheets.


5. Search.creativecommon: Many websites such as Wikimedia and Flickr offer ways to search creative commons images that you are free to reuse in presentations – but with this search, you can check all these libraries at once to find content to use, remix & share.

6. Just like the noun project, this website has a wide range of icons and can be useful while making a design sheet, or any presentation to keep your views in front of the jury just as clear. The way you present your design is very important, therefore, hop on the website and choose the icons you want to use.

7. Degraeve/color-palette: Well, we all have known the importance of finding the perfect colour palette for our portfolios, design sheets, etc. It sometimes can be agonizing, scrolling through hundreds of images, and yet not finding the colour palette of your choice. So, haul on this website and flaunt your style.

8. Death By Architecture: The inspired students are always looking for competitions, better opportunities to increase their command on software, and working with their friends on interesting high aiming projects. Death by Architecture is a portal for all the latest competitions that are held and can be participated in.

9. Archdaily, Rethinkingthefuture, Architect,, DeZeen: All these websites work on providing the latest information on your doorstep. These can be used to keep yourself aware of the latest trends because researching, exploring, and reading are underrated but are very essential. It can also help you provide ideas for the concept for your next design project, also, it is good to be yourself aware of the progress that is being made in your profession.

10. Caffeine Calculator: On the conclusive note, I would like to introduce this website which may save you from dying a caffeinated death. As Architects survive on the threshold of exceeding the daily designated caffeine limit, which could be through energy drinks, cold brew, hot mocha, or tea. You can visit this website to track your caffeine intake and keep your health in check.


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Ayushi Arora
Ayushi Arora
Is an architect, a passionate writer and has a keen interest in UX/UI Designing. Apart from writing, she is fond of exploring the unseen parts of the city through the eyes of an architect.

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