How SMBs Can Diminish The Risk of a Data Breach

The year gone by as reports suggest was THE most expensive year in cybersecurity history. This was augmented by the fact that SMBs (Small and medium businesses) were integrating and using cybersecurity services in their online businesses, supply chains and stores.

SMBs are relatively easy targets because, while they can afford a base level cybersecurity solution, that alone doesn’t fulfil the need. As for any economy, SMBs are the spine. Most SMBs want to scale and grow and thus invest money where their returns can double or sometimes triple. Unfortunately, data security comes at the bottom of that list in most cases and in cases where you see SMBs afford them, they aren’t properly augmented with network solutions and additional security.

SMB 2100x1200 1 e1588342186980SMBs are cyber attackers’ playground and often they exploit these systems to wreak havoc which can be difficult to recover from. And when that happens, customers and loyal people lose their trust with the company and the company heads for bankruptcy.

So what can SMBs do to diminish their vulnerability to data security threats?

Well, first and foremost SMBs should invest in securing office networks

A weak and vulnerable office network is the perfect getaway for any cybercriminal to enter through LAN or WAN connections. Accessible networks that are connected nods of computer systems in a network, servers, IPs are really vulnerable.

Securing these nods is crucial to securing the network as a whole. SMBs need to incorporate network security gateways that stop unauthorized access with proper rules and regulations set by the company. Additionally setting up of a firewall in place might be really important and crucial as that level of additional security makes it really difficult for any cyber attacker of any experience tod difficult to get through.

Applying automation

Automation, though it may be sound as a used term is in actuality extremely important. Data threats are large and looming and some SMBs as per Cisco’s latest report received at least 10,000 security breaches in the past year.

For traditional systems to keep track of every new threat might be physically burning out and that’s where automation comes into the picture. These mean including automated restrictions and firewalls, automated response and employee access systems as well.  Automation readily decreases the load on servers by finding the most optimum way to countermeasures and this makes data movement faster and stronger.

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Ensuring end-point security

To truly nullify and secure your SMB from a future data breach, endpoint security is the need of the hour.

End-point security is using corrupt pen drives, hard drives, unauthorized DVDs, clicking ads, etc. that can create a gateway for malicious software to enter your computer system. The malware can cause entire systems to break down, duplication and deletion of essential confidential data, company and personal credentials and in worst cases financial documents.

It is therefore recommended to use only company authorized end-point solutions like pen drives, hard drives etc. These need to be properly filed and recorded on the IT admin server and reviewed from time-to-time. Doing this will ensure that external storage devices whenever used in the SMB network are registered and not a malicious tool for data breach.

Ensuring end-point security also prevents one from being vulnerable to ransomware via patch management tools and AV scanning protocols. These systems typically cost about 5, 00 INR a year but are a great investment towards data security.

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An Architect by profession & practice, Pranita is a keen observer and specialises in content, visualisation, and presentation. Cyber attacks & Architecture Technology in the far more technologically-advanced world made her realise that there is a lack of necessary awareness among people. Hence, keeping you all updated and protected by all means with subjects from Architecture Technology to Security Awareness.Currently working as a Head of Content, content writer & creator at BLARROW.TECH

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