An Overview of Modular Architecture


Modular construction is a process of building offsite, under controlled plant conditions, using the same materials and design with the same standards and as conventionally built facilities, but in half the time. Buildings are produced as ‘modules’ that when we put together on-site, reflect an identical design intent with the specification of the site-built facility.

Structurally, when we build modular buildings, they are more durable than conventional construction because each module is engineered to withstand the rigours of transportation and construction industry independently. Once put together and sealed, the modules become one integrated wall, floor and also roof assemblies.

Building off-site ensures better construction quality management, safety and security of materials. Beyond the quality management and improved completion time, modular buildings offer numerous other benefits to owners by removing approximately 80% of the building construction activity from the site locations.

Panellized Modular Building Systems Market

Why build modular?

The industry of modular buildings are fast becoming a construction method of choice across the globe, and more and more people are looking to build modular for the ultimate in fast, cost-effective and efficient construction. This modular building process is revolutionizing the way that the world builds are here are some benefits linked to it:

  1. Offsite construction: Modular buildings are constructed offsite in modules and are then brought to the site in flat-packed panels, ready to erect and build. Building offsite is transforming the construction quality management and less disruption.
  2. Rapid Build: Modular building projects can be completed 30-50% quicker than traditional construction methods, and by choosing to build modular, the indoor construction process takes place alongside site and foundations work, and there’s no need to worry about weather delays.
  3. Minimal impact on the business: Building modular removes 80% of the construction activity away from the actual site location, so you can keep your school or business running smoothly with minimal impact and disruption.
  4. Sustainable materials: Modular buildings are kind to the environment, and are built with eco-friendly building materials and are leading the market with the use of recycled materials. The offsite construction process ensures less waste and one of the best things about modular is that you can be sure that you are investing in sustainable design from start to finish.
  5. Cost-effective: Modular constructions are cost-effective, with flexible payment options available and shorter construction time. The design service is included so that you don’t worry about architect costs on top of the building’s expense.
  6. Attractive Designs: The innovative and practical designs use the best quality of sustainable building materials, modular constructions and are extremely attractive addition for your business or residential property.
  7. The flexibility of use: Modular designs are extremely flexible, whether you need extra space for a garden room, studio, office, school classroom, they meet your requirements with the perfect flexible extra space solutions.
  8. High-quality construction: The nature of the development means that quality and safety are guaranteed and the building materials are protected from moisture and weather during the construction process.
  9. Durability: Modular buildings are constructed with the most durable building materials to ensure that the modular construction is built to last. The materials used for internal walls improve insulation and fire-resistant. Modular buildings structures are extremely airtight, ensuring their energy-efficiency.

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The Impact of Modular Architecture:

There are numerous ways of categorizing architecture and integral and modular are just two aspects, that are rare and almost all architecture is somewhere in between. Modular architecture has functionally de-coupled interfaces between components, and in practice, often leads to architecture that is a functional element in the building mapped one-to-one of the design.

Modular designs are categorized by properties like upgradability, serviceability, flexibility and so on. The beauty of modular architecture is that you can replace or add any module without affecting the rest of the structure. While it is being proved that prefabricated buildings and designs have a long-held place in construction, it has been stuck on the fringes.

Factory-built homes give an incredible opportunity to embrace the digital and clean-tech manufacturing era, making the medieval and traditional construction industry less critical. With the growing global population and ongoing urbanization trends, many of the world’s major cities are experiencing crises of housing capacity and also affordability.

Today’s modular companies can create highly customized designs that look beautiful as traditionally constructed buildings, incorporating the latest trends in exterior finishing. Modular buildings are also incredibly versatile and are perfect for all forms of residential, business, commercial design, etc.

With the proliferation of new trends and new forms of housing and living solutions, combined with highly technological age, the conditions are ripe for a golden age of affordable modular gouging, as long as cities keep developing and people have an open mind.

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