Virat Kohli House in Mumbai: A Peek into the Splendid Residence

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Through his passion, skillset, fashion sense, and social initiatives, Virat Kohli, the captain of the Indian Cricket Team has always drawn the limelight.

One of the news that added to the fame is his residence in Mumbai. His distinct personality shines through in anything he does, including the way he speaks, moves, wears, and even decorates his residences. His home is indeed a work of art, oozing with refinement and beauty.

Virat Kohli’s residence in Gurgaon and Virat Kohli’s house in Mumbai is both a reflection of his refined nature.

Virat Kohli’s new house in Mumbai is a high-rise apartment constructed by Omkar Realtors and Developers. This 34 Crore purchase is a luxury house from the project Omkar ‘1973’. 

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Virat Kohli, Anushka Sharma’s house in Mumbai is a 7171 sq. ft apartment in the poshest towers out of the three. Their residence is located on the 35th floor of the high-rise structure. Tower C- the most opulent of the complexes’ three structures gets a panoramic, unbroken view of the Arabian Sea. This apartment also offers a birds-eye perspective of the city of Mumbai.

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The residential complex, Omkar 1973 consists of triple cylindrical 70 stories towers. The four-bedroom Virat Kohli’s new house in Mumbai has a set of distinguishing characteristics, with a 13-feet ceiling height and personal attached balconies or verandas extending from each bedroom.

This complex also serves the facilities of an indoor tennis court, veterinary clinic, and day-care centre for children. The size of each apartment unit in the complex ranges between 2600-18200 sq. ft. A magnificent entry lobby, specialized pet spa, exercise and sports facilities, roof terrace for informal parties, and dedicated spaces for children mark this complex special. 

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Team India’s skipper, Virat Kohli, and Bollywood’s talented actress, Anushka Sharma, are some of the most popular celebrity couples around the globe. Their success in their respective areas speaks eloquently about their fame, star status and Virat Kohli’s new house in Mumbai perfectly reflects their lifestyle and popularity.

The couple’s preference for elegance and minimalism is reflected in the whitewashed walls and light-coloured furnishings, but the expansive view of the Mumbai cityscape and the coastline elevates it to a level of luxury.

Aside from a few pieces of artwork on the walls, the pair, who are renowned for their love of living in green spaces, has infused the room with plenty of flora. They decorated their personal balcony space and its walls with many potted plants in various shades of green to keep them connected to nature and to bring natural aspects into the living area. 

Not only for them but also for their dogs, they opted to have plenty of open space. The property also has a private gym where they exercise.

Omkar 1973 is a highly recognized project that has various successful icons from the design industry associated with it for the planning and designing phase. The Barkley-premier which is America’s leading pet care facility, Hersh Bedner Associates (HBA), the hospitality and interior design team from London, LDA design, team facilitating landscaping of the project, and star firm- Foster+Partners from London, are just a few of the names to mention who are associated with the luxury project. 

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Virat Kohli’s House, Mumbai defines simplicity and grandeur at the same time. Decorated with absolutely simple elements, this house is no less than a vacation spot for the two. A house is a place for them to take a break from all the stardom, and be themselves. This Mumbai abode is the epitome of sophisticated lifestyle and class with tasteful interiors marking a statement. 

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Saili Sawantt
Saili Sawantt
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