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AMONG US is an online multiplayer social deduction video game, Developed and Published by INNER SLOTH. This game is Designed by  MARCUS BROMANDER and  Programmed by FOREST WILLARD. The Artists of this game are MARCUS BROMANDER and AMY LIU; Engine used to launch this game is UNITY. AMONG US was released on 15th June 2018 and can be played on various gaming platforms which are,


2) IOS


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AMONG US is an online multiplayer social deduction video game. The game supports up to 4 – 10 players in each team to play the game. In the game, The player can Host a room to play the game or also can enter any room just by searching room Password of the game or can find the game in different servers. This game is played on three servers NORTH AMERICA, EUROPE and ASIA. Players can switch servers when they want. The Host of the room only can change the room size of players and map in which to play the game, The game contains three maps which are, 1) THE SKELD – which is a Space Ship map, 2) MIRAHQ – which is a Headquarter map, and at last 3) POLUS – which is a PLANET BASE. The host also changes gameplay settings of the room like changing moving speed, voting time, Crewmate vision, Imposter vision, Kill countdown, kill Distance, or can change the number of tasks given to crewmates.

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The game is played in two teams one of the Crewmates and one of the Imposters. In the team of 10 players, 1 – 3 players are randomly picked as Imposters, and other teammates play the role of Crewmates. The game begins in a lobby where all the players can customize their avatars, and the host can change the gameplay settings of the game and wait till all the players join the room and the game begins. The group of Crewmates are given some Mini games like tasks such as controlling temperatures, refilling water or completing circuits. Each crewmate was given a different task to complete. While the crewmates complete their task, the imposters are tasked to kill them. The imposters need to kill the crewmates till they reach their sizes of the team to the winning match. While killing the players, The imposters should not come in touch with other players. The imposters can also travel through vents located in each room of the map, which makes it easy to hide from other players. If any of the crewmates sees a dead body, the player can report it and a player discussion takes place where each alive player needs to take part.

In the discussion, All the players need to guess who is the imposter, Right guess and observation might let us win or lose. The person who gets a large number of votes, Is ejected from the game and can be a ghost to play the game forward but cannot vote or kill players. The players also can discuss and share their observations in the chatbox to win the game. The players which are not sure about their vote can skip their vote too. When the crewmate dies, he turns into a ghost. In the game, The ghost can travel through walls and can complete his tasks to let his team win. Imposter also contains a Sabotage option through which he can block paths, Destroy tasks done by crewmates, and all the crewmates need to repair it to win the match. The Imposter is also given some tasks to complete so that other players do not suspect him. In the game, you can also buy various skins and pets which are for sale in the game.

  • The game is very fun to play.
  • One should try this game and try to be an imposter once.

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