Top Architectural Trends to Take Center Stage in 2021

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The future of Architecture is quite inquisitive. There is a lot that has changed around us over time. Perceptions change with the changing time. The design trends and styles that are relevant today might be replaced with something new tomorrow. Moreover, there are also instances where an old trend has resurfaced and become a new fad. In a way, it can be said that change is the only constant in the architectural industry. 

Therefore, let us have a glimpse of the upcoming trends in the architectural and interior design industry that is here to stay for quite some time from now. Let us explore!

The Arch

Arches in the modern context

Linear and clean forms are no longer the go-to option in design. Curves and arches are the talks of the town in the architecture and interior design industry. Amidst the series of changes in everyday lifestyle, designers have resorted to bring back arches and experiment with them in designs of our everyday spaces. An arch is known to be the best way to induce softness and elegance in any space. Usage of arches has gained traction irrespective of the overall design theme, they fit in well so well be it a minimal design or a contemporary or modern design. Moreover, they are known to add grandeur and a sense of sophistication to space. From adding illusions to grace, an arch can do it all. Therefore, an arch is going to be on the top list of designers in 2021.

Carbon Neutral Architecture

Carbon neutrality is one of the hot topics with the whole world trying to reduce carbon footprint and move towards sustainability. Carbon neutrality in the architectural realm refers to an approach focusing to reduce and offset carbon emissions caused during construction as well as the lifecycle of the structure post-construction. This can be achieved by adopting passive design strategies, incorporating high-performance building facades, using energy-efficient HVAC, and resorting to renewable energy solutions. Moreover, procurement of materials locally and strategic procurement is also a part of this process.

Prefabricated cabins

Prefabricated makeshift cabins

Prefabricated dwellings are the next big thing in the architectural industry. This will not only address the global housing crisis but will also open doors for architects t explore and refind the ideas of spaces. The concept of these factory-made prefabricated cabins is that they can be assembled and dismantled, thus serving the upcoming trend of living off in remote locations and exploring new places. Hence, prefabricated construction will not only be more economical and structurally feasible but also will reduce the time and effort required to construct with conventional methods.

Virtual Reality & Immersive Architecture

VR technology

What if one could observe, walkthrough, and have access to systems around the globe in real-time. Yes! this is not procrastinating the future technologies, this is close to reality and will soon b a part of the architectural industry. This technology is termed Immersive Virtual Reality. This enables the creation of spaces through a combination of computer graphics, wireless tracking, High definition projectors, polarised glasses, and much more! Therefore, all of these work together to create interactive and real-life experiences. Therefore, the genre of Virtual reality is growing fast and attaining new heights and is a very promising trend to emerge in 2021.

Modern Construction Technology

With time and technology, the advancements in construction technology are improving day by day. There has been an upward trend in the software and technologies employed in construction. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the key factors in modern construction technology. These technologies involve a set of algorithms that can generate multiple design possibilities and makes visualization of the same easy thus adding to the design process. 3D printing technology is one such advancement in this field and is a sure shot hot trend in architecture in the year 2021.

In Conclusion

And the list can go on and on! The trends in the architecture and interior design industry are all set to grow exponentially and bring in new possibilities and design technologies on board. This is indeed an opportunity to look ahead and bring in the change that is required in the architectural industry to match up to the changing times and technologies.

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Sudarshan Uppunda
Sudarshan Uppunda
Born & brought up in Bombay, based in Bengaluru, Sudarshan is an ambivert who can be outgoing-open and reserved at the same time. It all depends on the vibes! He deeply believes in vibes and personal energies. As an Architectural Journalist and Architect, he aims to write in a way that his content is relatable for all. Design is what interests him the most and he keeps trying his hand at different design verticals such as graphic, UI & UX design at times. He likes to write and explore varied topics on Workplace environments, Architecture, and Culture. He is quite active in architectural content writing and has written for various platforms like RTF, The Arch Insider, Gharpedia, etc. He strongly believes that whatever one does in life, one must do it with passion & be happy with it.

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