Re-Invent Your House.

Do you feel like your house is outdated? Do you feel like you need to change your place?

Change is the only constant. One gets bored of things that they see or use on a daily basis. Also, sometimes with time we feel a lack of space or in our homes and want to change it. But changing homes is not a very easy and feasible option, as it involves a tremendous venture and a ton of time. Be that as it may, what is possible is Re-Invention of home. A couple of basic and hands-on changes can adjust the vibe of the space and can make a space fascinating and vivacious.

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But before beginning to reinvent the house, a few questions you might want to ask yourself. These decisions will further help you to implement the change in an easier and more organized fashion.

  1. Financial plan: How much do you want to spend? The budget plays a very crucial role in deciding the amount of modification we can bring to your place.
  1. Concept: How do you want it to feel like? Your choice of theme needs to be clear in order to decide the colors, elements, and materials we can use. Themes can be modern, contemporary, Classic, funky, etc.
  1. Spatial Modification: Do you need to change the purpose of any room? Do you need to increase your storage space? You might feel a lack of space in your house and might want to increase storage space.

After these crucial decisions, here are a few suggestions that can be done.

  1. Paint: the color of the rooms is very vital for its ambiance, and with the concept you have chosen, you can prepare a palette for yourself that you like. Take your time and assess which colors compliment your rooms. A feature wall through painting one wall one color or wallpapering it with a bold pattern and leaving the adjoining walls in more muted or neutral tones.
  2. Flooring: there are a few ways you can modify the flooring. You can either change the entire flooring or by adding a simple rug to some part that can create a different feel altogether.
  3. Lighting: the lighting of any room can change the vibe of the space without changing anything permanently. To create a mellow effect, warm white or natural white lights can be used. To brighten any room white light can be used. In order to add a function to a room, task lights should be added. For example, to create a reading area, add a small lamp.
  4. Garden: adding new plants or flowers can have a significant impact on the house. Accentuate your green space, by rearranging the furniture or adding a new swing and bring life and purpose to your garden. As we move towards sustainability, you can use your garden to even grow some vegetables and use them in your household.
  5. Bring the outdoors inside: Adding plants to your interior can enhance the quality of the room significantly. Indoor plants take minimal space and easy to maintain. They also purify the air inside. Indoor plants are peace lily, parlor palm, snake plant, etc.
  6. Re-arrange your furniture: if you feel like your room looks cramped up, there are a few ways that you can make your room look bigger.
    • Variation in your furniture layout can create more space and lively. As per your requirements altering the furniture layout and circulation space to make enough space to move around.
    • Shifting the fixture just a few inches away from the wall can create a feeling of more space in the room.
  7. Dressing your balcony And window sill: Add planters and temporary furniture to your balcony or window sill can create energize your house and also change the look on the exterior facade.


Reinventing your home does not need to be about investing all new furniture or repainting the whole house.

A change in atmosphere and feel is what brings real change. Altering the flow within or between spaces; modifying the lighting and ambiance; creating a connection with the place through the choice of color of flooring and walls can change the aura of your house.

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Aakrati Akar
Aakrati Akar
Aakrati is an architectural student, from Jaipur. Her curious minds drives her into researching about various topics and gain knowledge. Her belief in the power of words and writing led her to the field of architectural journalism.

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