Raft by Redbeet Interactive

Making Of Game

Raft is an open-world survival video game played in single-player or multiplayer game mode in first-person perspective view, which was developed by Redbeet interactive and published by Axolot Games. The game is composed by Jannik Schmidt and the engine used to develop the game was Unity. The game’s development started in 2016 as a college project and is still ongoing. The Raft was previously distributed on the indie platform Itch.io, which is still available as a free download for Windows, Linux, and macOS. Two weeks after launch, the game was the number 3 most played game on Steam and had sold over 400,000 copies. The game updates frequently, and new functions are regularly added.

Characters and Terrain

Raft is a survival game that starts in an Ocean with a character in a small 2×2 raft. The game’s main world is the ocean as you spawn in it. Also, some islands randomly spawn in the world containing a lot of loots.

In this game, various names such as Rouhi, Maya, Tala, Jonny, Elaine, and Shogo can be controlled and unlocked by the player. The game features the basic movement of the characters, such as walking, running, jumping, hunting, and eating. As this is a survival game, there should be a villain to fight with, and in this game, the villain is a Shark that keeps moving around the player, and if the player enters the water, the shark attacks and kill the player. The player can again respawn on the Raft after getting killed. The shark can also attack the end parts of the Raft and destroy it. But when you add a metal covering to the planks, that will be fine and stop the shark from attacking.

And now talking about the terrain of the game, the whole game world is nothing but an endless ocean; the player spawns between the sea on a 2×2 raft and needs to survive in the ocean. With these, some islands randomly spawn around the world, full of loots. And with the island, while exploring, you will also come across some shipwrecks, which will provide you with a large amount of loot, but they are not spotted easily.

Gameplay and Features

Raft is an open-world survival video game played in single-player or multiplayer mode in first-person perspective view, which starts in an Ocean with a character on a small 2×2 raft. The game is a stereotypical open-world game comparable to the sea of thieves and Minecraft. In this, the player needs to survive in the ocean and complete their journey. The player starts his game with a 2×2 raft and a grappling hook, which can be used to pull various items such as Leaves, Food, Debris, Barrels, and many more. And none of survival game is complete without crafting tools and items. The player can prepare various objects and tools needed by using the collected items in his inventory and can use them to expand his Raft as he wants it to be.

The player can also leave the Raft and collect things, but be careful because the Raft keeps moving due to the ocean current, and the player could also be attacked by the sharks, which keep moving around the Raft. The shark will also chew the edges of the Raft and wreck it; if you have saved anything on that part of the Raft, it will be obliterated. You can undoubtedly stop this by fortifying the edges. You can use your creativity to create the Raft as you want; various items can be crafted to help you survive for a long time, such as crafting a water purifier, furnace, Chest, and many more.

The game also features a storyline, which can be started by crafting a receiver and three antennas, but these all need to be at least on the second floor of the Raft. After creating the receiver, add a battery to it, and you are good to go with the storyline. But to find your first location, you will need to open your notebook using the “t” key. This notebook will power your entire journey and essentially provide a backbone to your storyline. You will see your various destinations in your notebook one by one and can travel there by entering the code number given below with that destination. And in this storyline, you’ll be experiencing the locations in which people were trying to save the world from mass flooding once lived. This will be a fascinating experience to travel.

The game also features various game modes to play on, just like other survival games; there are five different game modes, which are,

  • Creative: It is a harmless building mode in which you are invincible to all the materials and is free to create a raft as per your imagination
  • Peaceful: It is a far more relaxing mode of Raft, in which none of the animals is a threat.
  • Easy: In this mode, hunger and thrust are pretty easy to maintain, and upon dying, you do keep your items.
  • Normal: This is where the games move to get more challenging, the hunger and thrust cannot be maintained easily, and you lose your items after dying.
  • Hard: It is just the cream of the crop, making the game more deadly and complicated.

These are all the game modes that can be played in this game.
In this game, you can also enter the island and collect various loots like woods, leaves, flowers, and some animals you can hunt and adopt for breeding. Multiple tools can be crafted to kill animals or for building purposes.

Graphics and Performance

As you know, Raft is a survival video game with many in-game features, but the game also has excellent graphics. Though you can play this game on a fewer specs PC or a primary PC, it contains incredible pictures. The graphics are not realistic like GTA 5 or COD; they are animated graphics like Fortnite and very similar to Sea of Thieves.

And now, coming to the performance of games, the game gives you a constant 60 fps on the minimum requirements of PC; they might fall if you have loaded your Raft with lots of moving items such as animals. The game hasn’t spotted any bugs in it and is very smooth to play.

Release and Platform

The game was made form 2016 and is still ongoing. On 23 May 2018, Raft was released as a Steam early access game. The Raft was previously distributed on the indie platform Itch.io, which is still available as a free download for Windows, Linux, and macOS. Due to time constraints, the Linux and Mac versions were discontinued after version 1.05. The game has already been released on Steam, and now the game’s final season has also arrived. You can indeed play this game by purchasing from Steam. It is almost 500 to 600 rupees, but it is a value for money, and if you are playing with your friends, this will be your most fantastic experience. Now the game is only available for Microsoft Windows; there might be other gaming platforms added in the future.

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