Hades, The Best Game Of 2020


Hades is a Roguelike action role-playing video game played in a single-player mode in isothermic view. it is Developed and Published by Supergiant Games. This game is directed by Greg Kasavin and produced by Amir Rao. Artist of the game are Jen Zee and this game is written by Greg Kasavin. The composer of this game is Darren Korb. Hades was launched on 17th September 2020 and it can be played on various gaming platforms such as Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Nintendo switch.

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 Hades is a Roguelike action role-playing video game played in a single-player mode in isothermic view. In this game, the player controls a character named Zagreus, who is the prince of the underworld and is trying to escape the realm to get away from his dispassionate father named Hades and wants to reach Mount Olympus, which is a mountain of the game and after reaching their the player gets out of the underworld, it is also called as last of the underworld.  In his journey to the mountain, his quest is supported by the other Olympians and notorious residents of the underworld, who grant him gifts which helps the character to fight demons which protect the exit of the underworld. The game features for biomes which are, Tartarus, Asphodel, Elysium and the Temple of Styx.

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The player starts to run through the game by trying to fight their way through a number of different rooms. the rooms layouts are predetermined but their orders and enemies appear randomly. In starting of the run, the player has a primary weapon, a special attack and a magic “cast” which can be used for long-range. Before starting the run, Olympians will provide a gift of a choice of three persistent boosts for that run which can be selected by the player from the theme-based gifts from Olympians. After clearing a room, the player will be shown the type of reward which are owned by them while completing the room. While the run, if Zagreus health drops down to zero, he dies and he ends up facing his father and by removing all the gifts and reward which were owned during his last run. Between the runs, the player can explore the underworld before setting a new quest. The player can use in-game currency to purchase improvements or keys from the store to improve the abilities of Zagreus.

The game is very amazing to play, one should try this game and enjoy clearing underworld rooms.

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