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Natural light has an effect on a human’s health, mood, and comfort in their surroundings. Thoughtful use of natural light plays an important role in creating an environment that is warm and inviting. A poorly lit space can make a room feel cold and a brightly lit room adds more energy and is calming. in architecture, lighting becomes an integral part of the building and looks more appealing and complementary to the building. Natural light defines the personality of the space and influences the way a living space reacts with it. Different types of rooms require their own lighting, thus, the demands and possibility for natural light vary from room to room. The play of lighting and shadows play a huge role in architecture.

Healthcare Design

Spaces with natural light tend to feel more spacious and more comfortable for the inhabitants and every colour indoors looks more natural and intense and appeals to the eye. Exposure to natural light improves the energy levels of the patrols using the room. naturally lit areas leave the person with higher levels of mental and physical clarity at the end of the day. Large windows and openings allow sunlight and fresh air to enter indoors, ensuring that the spaces inside are free of any bacteria and unwelcoming smells. allowing fresh air to enter also allows one to be more comfortable as compared to artificial lighting. With natural light used in everyday areas of work and education, the buildings tend to become energy efficient and less energy consumption result in overall lower expenses and resource conservation.

Let’s take a look at buildings where according to the work needed, natural light has benefitted the interiors while improving the aesthetics.

  1. 88 Wood Street, London

This office building is made of unusual transparency. With floor to ceiling windows found in all floors, this transparency allows for the daylight credentials. The intension of the building was to maximize the use of daylight in the office and give the impression of being wholly lit by natural light.


2. De Syllas house, London

This open plan house created with a space full of light was the main ambition of the architect. The front door in the north has a large window on top ensuring that daylight enters from all directions at all times of the day. The open staircase has a large bay window leading up to the dining patio making the double-height space seem even larger along with the roof light above keeping the room naturally lit at all times. The abundance of openings and windows ensure that artificial light would not be needed during the day.

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3. Worlds End School, Enfield

The smart E- shaped plans of the classrooms ensure that the daylight enters the rooms from either side with a linear pitched roof light that balances the daylight on the external wall. Windows are double glazed and have internal blind to control the amount of light entering.


4. The Thermal Baths, Vals

The baths have large windows that along with capturing the picturesque view also provide abundant lighting inside the room. The daylight brightens the area close to the window and creates a play of shadow and light while highlighting the texture of the stone plank walls.


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5. Serpentine Gallery Pavillion

This building designed by Toyo Ito is best the example of daylighting design. Used as a restaurant during the day and an event zone in the evenings, this structure needs little to no artificial light. The huge openings in the structure play well with the park in the surroundings and ensure that the occupants inside always feel light and airy with the abundance of sunlight and ventilation.

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6. Church of Light, Osaka, Japan

The cross is the focus of this church is created by carving out a void in the thick concrete letting in the sunlight through the perforation inside the dark interiors. As the only source of light in this grey monotonous space, the minimalist interiors create a solemn experience and brings hope to humans living in darkness.

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tadao ando church of the light 1

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Nishita Chopra
Nishita Chopra
Nishita Chopra, an avid writer and an architect. Been born and brought up in a defense environment, she has learnt well to be disciplined and find motivation everywhere. Her positivity and extrovertness has helped her tell and listen to a lot stories the world tells around us. Having been worked as an architect before, it has helped her fulfil her passion to write and make use of that experience to put into words for the architectural world.

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