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Google Maps has been around a decade old now, and it has undergone a significant number of changes since then. Today, it is packed with a large number of features that you might not know to exist. You can get most out of Google Maps with these hacks. This app added a very powerful tool for users to take virtual tours of far-flung cities located anywhere in the world, just by sitting at your own place. They are adding more and more quality services and features to it.

Feel the Pegman power

We will start our list with such a hack that you will end up using a lot. You must have seen that little yellow person in the bottom right corner, having an awesome functionality. It is Pegman, and he can easily be dragged and dropped anywhere on a map. His work is to trigger Street View which lets you virtually tour places far, far away. IMG 20200203 172205

Street View time travel

Note that this feature is currently not available for all possible locations. There is a huge number of street view images since its inception. In the year 2014, Google enabled a way for users to see how these views have changed over time. A small stopwatch icon in the top left corner of the street view is introduced to activate this feature. This will let you access four-dimensional Information in street view.

Add Multiple Destinations at Your Trip

Few trips might include traveling from A to B, then C to D or more. In such a case, Google Maps will save your time, planning your trip manually. Press on + symbol on the web version, or on three dots in the top right corner in a mobile version. From here you can add multiple destinations on the Google Maps app. You can even, anytime reorder your journey stops. A mass transit option is its limitation.

Uber availability

Grab an Uber into Google’s mobile maps’ app. To activate this service, click on the figure of a small man trying to hail a taxi. It will take you to the supplier’s platform, who can supply this service and the level of integration will depend on your current location.

Measure Distances with Google maps

Are you in need to measure some distances between landmarks on Google Maps? Yes, you, can do it. To access this hack, right-click anywhere on the map and select measure distance. Then click on the map and measure away any distance as per your need. This is a built-in feature.

What is the nearest?

Now, you can find anything nearest to you, let it be any café or petrol pumps or any other possible nearest public amenity. Thankfully, here is this Google Maps hack. This will be very useful indeed. You can search and it will highlight the nearest ones to your current location. You will need to let Google know your current location. IMG 20200203 172149

What’s Here?

Google Maps are more than just trying to get directions. In case you are just browsing through it, found something of your interest, simply right click and select what’s here. Google Maps will try their full to discover the place you clicked on. It could be helpful for finding lesser-known places on high streets.

Virtual 3D Tour

Google Earth, street view, and Google Maps have become ever more integrated pieces over time. By switching over satellite mode from the regular map, you can get a seamless mix of both views i.e. Street View and satellite imagery. But, still, there is something left out. You can take a virtual fly-through over most locations on the planet by clicking on the 3D icon on the right-hand side. You can even choose on buildings to identify them and get some other detailed information, if available.

Check out Upcoming Events nearby

This feature is of much use. You can actually preview upcoming events of some possible locations using Google Maps. This will prevent you from extra time waste to search specifically for that information on Google. This will only apply to businesses like cinemas, concert halls, or any other place that hosts events. To find this simply scroll down the information tab for the location in the question section.

Offline Maps for Your device

this hack will surely prove of much use in areas with the poor network coverage. Once you’ve searched for the route, you need, you can save it offline on your mobile. When you are done with the directions for your route, simply type “OK Maps” in the search bar. This will then allow you to save the map into your mobile, available for use without an internet connection.

Ask for suggestions

Google Maps is becoming more and more integrated with every passing moment. It now also comes up with suggestions if you are trapped. In case, you are stuck for places to visit around any location, ask Google Maps for its suggestions. You can search for things like “nice restaurants near Taj Mahal”, and Google Maps will return you with all possible right answers. So play questions- answers with Google Maps.

Search for Flights

Planning for long-distance trips or vacation is much sorted out with Google Maps. Search for flights, depending on your current location and destination Google Maps. Add your starting and ending locations and Google Maps will give you a link to the directions to help you search for flights very quickly. It is also quite helping to find out estimated flight times between any two cities. IMG 20200203 172136

Save cool places for future reference

While random Browsing, if you find a new ‘cool’ place, you can save it for future reference in Google, Maps. To make it happen, simply search for the locations on Google Maps and click on the “Save” button on the business’s information card. All such places are saved in the catalog. Access them by clicking on “Your Places” from the Google Maps menu.

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