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FORTNITE BATTLE ROYALE is an online free – to – play a battle royale video game. EPIC GAMES develops this game AND PEOPLE CAN FLY.   Game is Published by EPIC GAMES, WARNER BROS, INTERACTIVE ENTERTAINMENT. The game is Directed by DONALD MUSTARD and Designed by DARREN SUGG. The engine used in this game is UNREAL ENGINE 4. FORTNITE game has many Awards such as,

1) Teen Choice Award for Choice Video Game 2018

2) The Game Award for Best Multiplayer Game 2018

3) The Game Award for Best Ongoing Game 2018 and 2019

4) BAFTA Games Award for Evolving Game 2019

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This game contains a Series which is named as Fortnite which is given by EPIC GAMES. FORTNITE game can be played on various gaming platforms with their Launch dates  are,

1) MICROSOFT WINDOWS – 26th September 2017

2) MacOS ( OPERATING SYSTEM ) – 26th September 2017

3) PLAYSTATION 4 – 26th September 2017

4) XBOX ONE – 26th September 2017

5) ios – 2nd April 2018

6) NINTENDO SWITCH – 12th June 2018

7) ANDROID – 9th August 2018

8) PLAYSTATION 5 – 2020

9) XBOX SERIES X – 2020

The concept of this game is the same as other battle royale games. We can play this game in a group of teams which contains SOLO, DUO and SQUAD. This game has lots of Animated Graphics and various game modes. This game is loved and played WorldWide.

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FORTNITE BATTLE ROYALE is a free- to – play online battle royale video game. The game is played in Third – Person – Shooter viewed game, played in Multiplayer mode. The concept of this game is similar to other battle royale games. The gameplay for FORTNITE BATTLE ROYALE follows the standard format for the battle royale genre. The game is played generally like other battle royale games. In this game, 100 players are tasked to skydive from a floating bus named “BATTLE BUS” toward an island. When the players land on the island, they are given a Pickaxe. Players need to loot houses and find supplies like weapons, armours, and medkits. Players need to kill their opponent and win the match. Players can also break Trees and Houses with the help of pickaxe to get wood, bricks and iron to build ramps, walls, pyramids and floors to be safe from enemies. This game can be in various teams configuration which are,




While playing the game in SOLO mode if the player gets killed by an enemy he cannot continue the match, but playing in DUO or SQUAD mode, the player can continue after getting revived by our teammates. In the game we also need to be safe from the blue zone which shrinks from time to time if we enter the blue zone it can kill us and the match will get over for us. The person who survives till the end of the match by killing other players wins the match and increases his ranks.

In the game there are various skins of Guns, Glider, Pickaxe and different costumes which can be purchased by purchasing VINDERBUCKS also known as V-Bucks ( These is a Fake Currency used in-game which needs to be bought by our real money which we use in our daily life ). After purchasing V-Bucks, we can take lots of skins of Weapons, gliders, Pickaxe which are overpowered than guns without any skin. This makes the game very easy to play and win the game. We can also buy many costumes for characters which we use. We can also buy different roles to play the game. These things make the game more enjoyable to play.

  • The FORTNITE game is played World Wide; the game is very unusual to play and loved by many people and children around the world.
  • One should try this game and enjoy the game.

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