Elon Musk Activates Starlink Internet in Ukraine

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Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk activates Starlink Internet service in Ukraine to help satellites from Russian attack and to help their internet infrastructure.

Elon Musk said on Saturday that his company had activated Starline Internet broadband services in Ukraine, after the countries vice prime minister Mykhailo Fedorov pleaded with Elon Musk in his tweet, saying, “While you try to colonize Mars — Russia try to occupy Ukraine! While your rockets successfully land from space — Russian rockets attack Ukrainian civil people! We ask you to provide Ukraine with Starlink stations.”

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After the tweet by the vice prime minister, Elon Musk, 10 hours later, tweeted back by saying, “Starlink service is now active in Ukraine. More terminals en route”.

According to the news, Elon Musk has thousands of Starlink satellites in orbit, allowing the company to beam the internet to any place without cables linking fiber optic and ethernet cables. The satellites can keep Ukraine online if the Russians attack their Internet Infrastructure. A recent report said that Musk’s Starlink project is an ambitious attempt to install a grid of satellites in the Earth’s orbit to provide internet access across the globe. SpaceX has thus far put more than 1,700 Starlink satellites into orbit, and the company plans on launching more than 40,000 in total.

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Ukraine’s official tweeter handler and hon. Vice prime minister later that Elon Musk and countries ambassador for their swift decision of deploying Starlink internet in the country. Ukraine has seen a “series of significant disruptions to internet service” since Russia launched military operations in the country on Thursday, confirmed Network data from Netblocks. Starlink operates a constellation of more than 2,000 satellites that aim to provide internet access across the planet. The internet has been lauding Musk’s decision to help Ukraine.

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