Daylight and Fenestrations

Importance of daylight

The natural light has its own beneficial effects on mankind, primarily because it uplifts a person’s mood having a psychological advantage also is an energy-saving measure in the field of architecture. Hence, exposure to the correct amount of natural light can determine the occupant’s mood and also redefine the ambiance. This can certainly be adopted by using proper window sizes and perfect choice of materials, as too much of light can be harmful and also acts as a source of distraction.

Fenestrations are a need:

In the field of architecture fenestration typically means the arrangement of windows in a building or the same in any other structure. Although in modern times fenestration is inclusive of all the openings in a building envelope-like the doors, the skylight, and in some cases even the walls, which are designed keeping in mind the human thermal comfort and aesthetics providing transparency on the outer façade. The knowledge and choice of the right material is also one of the keynotes which can alter the environment to great extents, like glazing is an important characteristic on addition it avoids the excess glare and heat gain.glazing properties

Creating the Perfect Ambience

There are various parameters that are to be taken under consideration while designing an energy-efficient and sophisticated ambiance for the occupants minimizing the heat gain. The first note is the window sizes for working and learning spaces – the window-wall ratio on the exterior elevation should be lying between 20% and 60%, above 40% is usually considered good for eternal shading and the heat gain factors. Also the 40% to 60% of the window area should have a height of atleast 7t above the floor,also not to forget the limits of visual transmittance according to which all glazes placed higher than 7ft have a transmittance of above 60% of VT and all other glazes placed below that have a 50% o VT. The general notion for the window-wall ratio for the living room lies between 30% to 60% whereas for bedroom it lies between 20% to 40%.

There are many more techniques to make light enter the correct way inappropriate places which would certainly also add o the aesthetics of the space, like a Skylight, or Clerestory Windows or glass doors or light shelves and many more of such options can be adopted.
Usage of natural light

Incorporation of the natural light in the initial design can be the highlight of an architectural structure as that redefines the dimensions of the very space. The natural light also plays a role of interdependency with the colors, as the light simply enhances the natural hues and shades. Several studies have revealed that the natural light has a major payback for the energy levels around which changes the dynamics of the entire space. It also brings in the element of naturally elevating the furniture saving a lot on the budget and thereby increases the occupant’s comfort.


Other than the view there is a lot more to the natural light which can bring about potential progress in our lifestyle, also this acts as the primary source of energy which can perhaps be utilized in many different directions. Creating the perfect ambiance in a workplace is the need of the hour which can get the best possible outputs from the clients by enhancing their productivity, mood and creativity. Hence natural light is not all about the alluring effect or the environment it is also about the psychological well being.

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Prerana Ghosh
Prerana Ghosh
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