BIG’s AI Run City Campus, China

As the world initiates to cover itself in green spaces, tends to be more trending as well as necessary. With the efficient TACOS: the campus, everything in the city from the fire service to personal butlers would be operated by this AI, AI was the solution for everything that campus needed.  the project will be dedicated to “artificial intelligence, robotics, networking, and big data”. Located in Chongqing, in southwest China, known as the “mountain city”, the project is set within the Chongqing Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone.


BIG has drawn up the plans for smart service specialists Terminus Group, which will have its headquarters at the centre of the artificial intelligence-run city campus. The green roof spaces are made with courtyards all across the campus. These courtyards are spaces made for co-curricular activities like speeches, debates, etc. The roof is the most dynamic feature, will convert into the largest digital display in China. “Cloud Valley is envisioned as a city where people, technology, and nature thrive together – with spaces designed for all types of life: human life, plant life, animal life, and even artificial life.”

As per the TERMINUS group

“As sunlight hits the houses, bedroom windows adjust their opacity to allow the natural light to wake sleepy residents,” said Terminus Group. It is the new technology that we all want to get involved with as much as possible. So, the AI would be able to provide better solutions to this.

Tech-savy campus planning:

They want the people and technology to thrive together as this is how the future will look like, technology is the main survival point for the human beings, with this advancement and digitization, we do need to overcome the fear of letting this overwhelm us but work hand in hand with it.

The first phase of the master plan consists of a 75,000m2 Cloud Valley, conceived as two plots along Xinzhou Avenue and Gaoxin Avenue that mimic each other’s opposites”. The green roof allows the space to co-exist with built-in the campus which becomes advantageous with such a huge area for the campus.



The campus has been divided into 4 main sections: Museum, terminus, offices, and retail. It has been thoughtfully made into a campus which also serves as TOD with the area being properly organized and used with the help of technology. The planning has been kept simple with an interaction of open and semi-open spaces as well.

Volumetric Analysis:


As there is an airport nearby, there is the height restriction of buildings, which has been accommodated and initiation towards the advancement yet subtle look of the campus is being made by the BIG architects. This may be a new milestone to campus planning.

We have seen, studied, and liked campuses for their efficient classrooms, hostel rooms, greenscapes, and open places but do you think we can move to a more dynamic approach of designing campus after this milestone will be hit? All designers need to keep themselves updated and upgraded with the latest trends, technology, and transformation. This is how we bring into action ‘Modern architecture.’

Interactive spaces:


Creating such interactive spaces is important for each campus, and using technology has not deprived campus of such spaces but made it more thoughtful with the instalment of trees, and plants as well.

Open-Built Combination:


The open spaces will serve as an interaction zone, also, this will be a barrier-free zone for AI robots and human interaction. This, as per BIG’s vision, will be surrounded by levelled spaces and plants to create a dynamism between in the centre of the campus as an atrium, and to break the monotony that is sometimes carried across the campus with no pause/buffer spaces.

Hence, it can be called a big change to the design and planning of campus. We can also adapt some changes while the driving force for this shall be technology, digitization, and development within a country!

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Ayushi Arora
Ayushi Arora
Is an architect, a passionate writer and has a keen interest in UX/UI Designing. Apart from writing, she is fond of exploring the unseen parts of the city through the eyes of an architect.

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