AI Solutions for Cybersecurity

In a digital world, where daily financial transactions are being made, people are depositing their hard-earned money, doing financial transactions all over the world, storing sensitive product and company data and much more – It becomes imperative that the cybersecurity system of the digital be as reliable if not more as its’ real-world counterpart.

As technology advances and people/companies innovate to create newer, simpler products such as Unified payments gateway, one-click transactions, etc.; the need for cybersecurity to upgrade itself with the times is greatly implied. As advancing new technologies test cybersecurity to its limits, the need for it to be more advanced comes of age.

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Take the case of defensive strategies established by security professionals, these are bound to fail when the innovation cycle keeps running. The complexity and volume of cyberattacks are growing each and every day. Recently, coronavirus-themed cyber-attacks have taken the plunge and put security measures at risk.

To counter this growing threat, Cybersecurity needs to join hands with Artificial Intelligence. The added resources of both the platforms can technologically advance itself and adapt to the ever-changing innovating environments.

Recently, Capgemini released a report that stated almost forty-two percent of the companies in the world are adopting AI-powered cybersecurity solutions for multiple reasons:


Cybersecurity by nature needs to be time-sensitive, to deploy and defend against vulnerable attacks. These need constant insights and that enables reduced response time in the face of a looming vulnerability.

Enhanced data security

Protection of data security is as vital as protecting company secrets. With AI-based solutions, companies can now encrypt data, which even in the worst circumstance of being stolen cannot be decrypted by the attackers.

Faster detection of vulnerabilities

Using AI, cybersecurity platforms can analyze and predict behaviors and deduce patterns that can identify all sorts of aberrations and abnormalities in a secure network. Such detection can help evade or protect against possible cyberattacks long before the attacks take place.

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Biometric logins and more

Often large companies have been victims of security breaches where company data, sensitive emails, CEO passwords have leaked and posed a huge threat to the company itself. The use of biometric logins using face recognition and/or fingerprint with the combined power of AI in such cases can help reduce and totally nullify the threat. AI-based solutions are smart and can detect a threat in a network long before it takes place. Traditional systems simply cannot be up to speed with the growing number of malicious tools in the cybercriminal world.
So, AI-based solutions are the best defense against such looming threats and can help companies be totally secure with complex algorithms and pattern recognition.

One system for all threats

AI has capabilities that keep growing every day. Innovations across AI are growing at an unprecedented rate and it is only a matter of time that AI can work at its fullest potential. Having said that, AI today is also pretty awesome. AI with the help of machine learning (ML) can collect, study, analyze and conclude through scores of data, news articles, patterns, studies, and cyber threats. They can learn from previous threats and make changes and upgrades depending on what can come next by building responsive and latest strategy frameworks to combat any possible threat in the future.

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An Architect by profession & practice, Pranita is a keen observer and specialises in content, visualisation, and presentation. Cyber attacks & Architecture Technology in the far more technologically-advanced world made her realise that there is a lack of necessary awareness among people. Hence, keeping you all updated and protected by all means with subjects from Architecture Technology to Security Awareness.Currently working as a Head of Content, content writer & creator at BLARROW.TECH

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