Adventure Travel, A Best Way to Experience Nature

Not all of us have the chance to experience real travel adventures. In fact, nowadays adventure travel is becoming more popular, accessible for not only the young generations but also among the older. Who doesn’t want a travel experience, fully filled with adventures like rafting in the waters of Rishikesh, Trekking along with the ranges of mountains, paragliding, and Bungie jumping from the highest peak? Well, all want to try it at least once in their lifetime and it remains in their bucket list. After all, the 21st century is all about technology and social media, who doesn’t want to upload pictures of their beautiful experiences and mesmerizing photos.

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It’s true, adventure travel is good for you in innumerable ways. And nowadays, adventure travel has become the most popular, blooming in the tourism industry as well as among people. Over the past few years, there is an approximately 50% increase in choosing adventures over leisure. Moreover, making it clear that people would rather invest in an adventure vacation providing them memories for lifetime, healthy lifestyle and amusement for new tasks. Adventure is, however, is a healthy alternative gateway than lying on a beach over a resort, drinking, and eating, and only returning with memories of an outing that you took out time for from your busy life.

How can you forget the feeling of coming back home depressed to again resume your work from the next day? I am sure, no one knows this feeling better than yourself. Moreover, it is hence necessary that you should have a peaceful time from your schedule, for a better well being and healthy lifestyle.

Instead, why not come back home, feeling refreshed, healthier, happier and with endless stories to share? 

Depending on which list you’re looking at, there are 195 countries in the world, offering a lot to an adventure traveler. Do you prefer to travel with a side of adrenaline? Then you are at the right place to find out why you should book your next holiday for an adventure!

  1. Get outside, you’re improving your healthy lifestyle: Outdoor activities improves the health and hence, adventures can boost your wellbeing. You tend to stay active and get fresh air contributing to your health and improving yourself to stay strong. The natural fresh air we breathe, mainly the mountain air reverses the harmful state and has an alkaline effect on the body, protecting us from diseases and making our life healthier and stronger.
  2. Outdoor physical activities: We acquire energy from combining the oxygen we breathe with the digested food so that our body burns fat, and increases endurance. When this energy is combined with physical activity outdoor, it improves the blood flow and increases the exposure to Vitamin D. Outdoor physical activities also rejuvenates your body’s lifestyle and regenerates the energy in your body.
  3. No age limit for adventure travels: Regardless the age and size, adventure travel helps you with personal achievement when taking up new challenges as a personal goal. The feeling of being closer to mother nature is an accomplishment on its own.
  4. Gaining perspective on your life: Seeing new locations and situations, learning about nature at its rawest, and experiencing new cultures and traditions gives a new perspective on life. The best thing about these adventure travels is you can distance yourself from your current situation and take a fresh look at the things around you.
  5. By proving your abilities: Adventure travel is the best confidence booster- surviving a night at the airport, sleeping in a tent under the stars, trekking through the woods in the darkest hour without lights, and learning about how to use your limited budget and make the most out of it to be able to experience an adventure.
  6. Living within your means: If you are looking for leisure and luxury living, you are in the wrong place. You’ll be able to live within your means, mastering and managing the finances and creating big experiences from a very few resources. Enjoying every moment without little luxuries on your travel is what you learn from it.
  7. Better thoughts: Research indicated hiking, rock climbing, and rafting and helps in increasing activities in your brain, keeping you mentally sharp for years.
  8. Learning new skills: Outdoor activities let you learn different languages, speak with local people and enjoy their local food, simples things like putting up a tent, trekking for long stretches, exercising daily for more active living, eat quality and simple food.
  9. Creating life-lasting memories: Adventures give you pleasant memories for life. Reflectiveness is more important in our lives, in this fast-paced world where time passes you by in a flash and is gone for good.
  10. Realize your dreams: Mother nature provides us with the gift of life and the ability to live the travel experiences. You can realize your dreams with the help of adventure travel in different ways. Whatever your dreams, you can realize them during traveling and go even further, a perfect gateway to life.


Another one such reason is the preservation of the finest rivers and ecosystems. The preservation of land becomes very difficult in poorer countries, where most of the natural land is still ‘untouched’. The income from ecotourism helps these locations in their efforts to save our land, through organizations that ultimately strive to save the areas from self-destruction.

As the above reasons mention, adventure travel is good for you in numerous ways and helps in making you feel better both inside and outside. With providing you extremely tons of new experiences, you’ll gain new skills and knowledge that are good use in later life. Having to need to experience different adventures in life, it is necessary that you don’t compromise the nature for it. Yes, go have the best time of your life, but also be a responsible human, so that future generations can also get to experience the same.

To know more about Travel+ Leisure, Stay tuned!

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