Your Virtual Escape: Visit 4,500 Sites Worldwide

“You are can now visit over 4,500 museums and sites worldwide from your location with Google Arts and Culture”

Travel plans on hold? Then you are in the right place to now know that you can visit 4500 Museums & Heritage Sites from your own house, Thanks to Google. Tour the world’s best art museums while practicing responsible social distancing.

google arts and culture museums

So, where would you like to visit today?

An art museum or a Heritage site? Well, you can still visit virtually during the evolving global health crisis! Google Arts and Culture for your help, offering you 360-degree views of places and sites, with very experienced and detailed descriptions, from the initial date to the materials used in paintings, sculptures or photographic works.

This virtual platform, that was launched in 2016, features various prestigious institutions on the planet from- Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, the British Museum in London, Museo Reina Sofia in Madrid, and even Kunsthistoiches Museum in Vienna. While you have postponed on kept your vacations on hold, you can still explore some of the continent’s leading collections from your smartphone, from your home.

Each participating institution has offered the best photographs of highlights from its collection, that can be sorted by date, color, and popularity. Some of them even offering 360-degree, Google Street View-style tours of the museums, art galleries as if you are really taking a tour through the magnificent halls to the converted Beaux-Arts train station, Musée d’Orsay in Paris.

Google Arts and Culture offers a unique opportunity to explore sits that you might never get to discover otherwise.

So, pick up your phones and laptop, your tour begins here!

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In some cases, the move to virtual reality has even improved upon the average viewing experience with creative storytelling and behind-the-scenes. You can even visit a portal to the past, tracing the footsteps of visitors in 2015 or a missed exhibition that you are no longer able to view.

Here’s all you need to know about Google Arts & Culture:

  1. Virtual Gallery Tour: Users can virtually ‘walk through’ the galleries of museums, art galleries, and heritage sites that can be controlled like Google Street View or by clicking on the Gallery’s floorplan.
  2. Artwork View: From Microscopic view to gallery views, users can zoom in on a particular artwork to view the pictures in detail. As per April 2012, over 32,000 high-quality images were available for viewing. The microscopic view provides users a dynamic image of an artwork and scholarly and contextual information to enhance the experience. History of the artwork, and Artist information, that users can easily access from microscopic view interface. Using services like Google Scholar and Youtube, Google includes external links for users to explore additional information.
  3. Create an Artwork Collection: Users are able to log in with their Google Account to create their own collection, compiling any number of images from the museums and save specific views of artworks to create a personalized virtual exhibition.
  4. Video and Audio Content: Various museums have opted to includes guided narrated tours of the galleries and sites. Providing users to a virtual walk through a museum by themselves and listen to the audio narration of a guide about certain artworks.
  5. Education: Google Arts & Culture includes several educational aspects and resources for teaches and students. There are various educational videos available through different channels embedded in Google Arts and Culture. Pages like ‘Look like an Expert’ and ‘DIY’ provides several activities for site users, similar to that found in galleries.
  6. Art Selfie: Google Arts & culture includes the ability of the dine art likeness just by snapping a selfie and you can simply take a selfie in the app and that matches your face to old art museum portraits from the database.

Heritage sites, museums, art galleries, and other physical spaces considering strategies for dealing with the new evolving situation of the quarantined audience, having the ability to pick up where they would like to visit physically.

If you are too feeling hungry for art while you are home, visit Google’s Arts & Culture here!


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