5 Expert tips for Dealing with Unpaid Architect Fees

Every business that specializes in architecture will have had unpaid architect fees. In the UK the problem is very prevalent with a many architects admitting they have not been paid for their architecture services. A recent study conducted by the National Federation of Independent business revealed that over 60% of small businesses have outstanding invoices 60 days+

We thought it would be helpful to approach UK Debt Collection Experts Federal Management for advice on dealing with this. They assist many architecture firms in the UK with recovering unpaid architect fees.

Expert Tip 1 – Send A Reminder

Following up on unpaid invoices is a standard part of business. If the invoice terms have expired, do not feel awkward about sending a polite reminder. You have provided a service so therefore deserve to be paid. Sometimes, people accidentally forget to pay their bills so a gentle reminder will help.

Expert Tip 2 – Expect To be Paid

Staying positive and believing that your fees will be paid should come naturally. If you have provided competent architecture services then you should rightly be paid. No architect has ever lost a client just because they had to pay.

Expert Tip 3 – Make a Phone Call

If your reminder has been ignored or not acted upon, give the client a call. Some people are naturally slow payers a need a bit of prompting from time to time. If there is a reason for non-payment, then you will find out by taking this direct action.

Expert Tip 4 – Stay Professional

If a client is just avoiding you and paying their dues, do not get stressed. It is all part of the process. There could be a genuine reason for this such as illness or vacations etc.

Even if you know that the client is deliberately not paying, stay cool. There is support and solutions available. You are not the first architect not to get paid on time. Dealing with unpaid invoices for architect fees is just part of parcel of business.

Expert Tip 5 – Using a Professional Collection solution

The days of well-trodden, expensive legal route to get paid are well gone. In the current climate, the Court route is not an option regardless.

The first port of call for many Architects now is using a Professional Debt Collection specialist. This is an extremely cost-effective alternative to protractive and costly litigation.

A professional Debt Collection agency can be a real godsend when it comes to unpaid architect fees. Industry experts like Federal Management are well versed in all scenarios. They can assess the situation for you and offer a low cost, professional alternative to expensive solicitors.


If you are self employed and not been paid, an unpaid invoice can hit hard. Following the above expert tips can help soften the situation.

The solution for any unpaid architect fees can be to work with a Professional Debt Collection Agency that has industry knowledge. This will act as a valuable tool in combatting the issue of non-payment of architect fees.

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