10 Unknown Facts About Antilia

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Mukesh Ambani’s Mumbai residence, Antilia is something more than a luxurious home. The lavish 400,000 sq. ft home, located in South Mumbai’s Altamount Road is a design inspired by the fabled Atlantic island. The high-end home is said to cost between $1-2 billion. 

Designed by the Chicago architects Perkins and Will along with Leighton Holdings, an Australian construction company, that is in charge of its construction. The structure has 27 stories, each with extra-high ceilings. Every level is the same height as a typical two-story structure. Antilia is designed in a way that it can withstand an earthquake of magnitude 8.

Here are 10 unknown facts about Antilia that take you through a virtual tour of the luxury home.

  1. Theory behind Name

Antilia is named after the fictitious island of Antillia, which was said to exist off the coasts of Portugal and Spain in the Atlantic Ocean. The Antille Islands and the Ambani house were named after the island.

2. Home Decor in Antilia

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Sun and Lotus are the inspiration for this home’s architectural design. The building’s upper six levels have been designated as a private full-floor residential area. A mega-temple, a slew of guest rooms, a spa, an ice cream shop, and a personal movie theatre with seating for 50 people are all included in the Ambani residence.

3. Car Pool in the House

Antilia has six levels dedicated to automobiles, including his Rs 5 crore Maybach, therefore it’s no surprise that he has six floors dedicated to cars. In reality, the garage can hold 168 vehicles. On the seventh level of the building in south Mumbai, there is a specialized vehicle servicing facility.

4. Walls Spitting Out Snowflakes

It takes some getting accustomed to the Mumbai summer. Mukesh Ambani and his family have accommodated a snow room to take care of the heat and comfort. The walls of this mansion’s devoted room showers snowflakes.

5. Richest neighborhood 

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Antilia is located on Altamount Road in South Mumbai, which is often regarded as the world’s most expensive area. The prevailing pricing for real estate in this area is about 80,000 per square foot. The $2.2 billion structure, which spans 4,00,000 square feet, is said to be the world’s second most valuable residential property, behind Buckingham Palace, which belongs to the British monarchy.

6. Unique Floors


Each floor of Antilia features a separate design for rooms. Through the use of a unique material palette like marble, precious stone, and mother-of-pearl in the building, there are themes of the sun and the lotus. No two stories in the Antilia are the same – although the materials used are similar.

7. Incorporation of Gardens

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Inside Antilia, there are hanging gardens. The plants in the hanging gardens are not only decorative but are also energy-saving devices that absorb sunlight and keep the interior of the house cool.

8. Welcoming Sun

The entire family lives on the upper floors to enjoy the sunlight and Vitamin D. Because they often utilize the helicopter, living on the upper floors is more common for this family.

9. Own Mega-temple

Apart from the other luxuries, the house has the provision of its personal Barjatya-style mega temple.

10. Services


The Ambani residence is equipped with a two-story entertainment center and other amenities. The foyer contains nine elevators that will carry visitors to their preferred location within the building. Three helipads are located on the building, which overlooks Mumbai’s horizon and the Arabian Sea.


This tour through the facts about Antilia house proves that it’s more than just a house built beyond luxury. It is an extravagant affair of design and grandeur.

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