Connecting Levels & Stories: 8 Stairs Design for Indian Houses

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The first thing that comes to mind when you hear the term staircase is simple square-like constructions with no visual or aesthetic appeal. Staircases have evolved beyond the commonplace in recent years. They are visual additions to a home and make up a large part of the décor. 

Because Indian houses, at least in traditional settings, generally feature a few levels above the main entry, they require more design than other types of dwellings. For a desi chic aesthetic, these 8 staircase design ideas with style and functionality for Indian houses can add to its charisma and charm.

1. Mini Garden Beneath Staircase

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This staircase design features a charming garden beneath it. This is a fantastic choice for those who have very little space but want to incorporate some greens in the interiors. This idea, along with hanging shoots on the wall going to the upper level creates a feeling of tropical rainforest in the interior of a typical Indian house.

2. Industrial Look

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The appearance of industrial design never goes out of vogue! It is a design idea that is not too difficult to accomplish.  An exposed brick wall is all you need to give your stairwell an industrial feel. Simply adding a vertical garden to the wall leading to the upper floor can serve a fresh and appealing design.

3. Staircase to Heaven

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This staircase design is an apt option when you have a well-built staircase and don’t wish to make any structural changes. To refresh your stairwell decor, use statement lighting. These cascading light fixtures are very elegant, and they give off a romantic vibe.

4. White and Wood

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The simplicity of wood and white has a certain allure to it! It’s no surprise that this staircase idea is one of the most widely used favorites. Choose wood for your staircase and accent it with a bright color like white for a warm effect.

5. Outdoor Spiral

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The outside stairs design for Indian Houses has to be considered thoughtfully as it is one of the first things that will get noticed. Spiral staircases are a perennial favorite. This outside stair design is reminiscent of castles and palaces and has a timeless appeal to it.

6. Ombre Elevation


This is a staircase design for an Indian house with paint steps. An ombré staircase that follows the rainbow may bring a splash of colour to a sparse area. A straight flight of steps of steady colour development allows one to embrace a range of colours without producing a jumble of colour.

7. Wallpaper Riser


Stairs design for Indian houses with paint adds pop and charm to the whole space. Various ideas go well with paint and colours. 

With paint, mastering a pinstripe design might take days. Instead, to create a flawless finish, risers can be concealed with colourful wallpaper. Unlike paint, wallpaper provides design uniformity and allows a minimal opportunity for mistakes.

Between each step, colourful pinstripe vinyl panels serve as eye-catching riser overlays.

8. Modern Weds Traditional

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Instead of picking between modern and traditional, one can go ahead with both. In modern residences, a mix of metal and wood may appear stunning. For the metal portion of this design, choose earthy and neutral tones to complement the wood.

The Charming Attention Seekers…

wood designer

Staircases can have a purpose other than connecting two floors of a house. They may act as appealing focal pieces and physically and symbolically enhance a place. Staircase designs are expanding over a variety of patterns and colours, and they are increasingly being included as décor components in modern Indian houses.

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Saili Sawantt
Saili Sawantt
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