India’s Chip Manufacturers Bring Massive Opportunities in Electronic Hardware

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Several favorable policies back India’s Chip Manufacturers’ push. Is timely in position to group up the job opportunity for electronic hardware in the country.

COVID induced supply chain disruptions, and the global trust deflected on China, according to HCL co-founder Ajai Chowdhry.

Chowdhry is part of the IT ministry-constituted advisory panel of experts that will steer objectives and provide guidance on the semiconductor program – exuded confidence that India can emerge as a “reliable partner” for the world when it comes to hardware production and chip-making.

As recurring global waves of COVID and the geopolitical war between Russia and Ukraine have caused uncertainty to cost over the supply chains, the prices of all devices, which use Chipset, have increased a lot, especially the graphics card. But it has also delivered an unexpected tailwind for the manufacturing of semiconductors.


“For electronics, I think it is a tailwind because, in a manner, it is going to drive us to do more in semiconductor and electronics hardware,” Chowdhry said.

The government of India has rolled out an ambitious Rs. 76,000-crore program for developing semiconductor and display manufacturing ecosystem in the country. This will provide various job opportunities for lots of people in India.

The panel will also provide insights and suggestions to develop a sustainable semiconductor and display ecosystem in India while offering inputs for building a resilient supply chain, promoting investments, financing mechanisms, global engagement, and research and innovation for the semiconductors and display ecosystem.

As the global semiconductor industry has been disrupted due to COVID, and experts say that the ongoing Russia and Ukraine situation may cause extra disruption and affect the supply chains of the semiconductor industry, as the warring nations are significant sources of neon and hexafluoro butadiene gases (essential element to manufacture semiconductor chips as these are used in the lithography processes for chip production).


An IT industry veteran, Chowdhry has teamed up with fellow HCL founder Arjun Malhotra and semiconductor industry expert Satya Gupta to launch EPIC Foundation, a not-for-profit organization to revive the Indian electronics industry by creating indigenous products and brands.

• It is a great time to start up a semiconductor industry in India
• This will create a lot of job opportunities
• And make India independent from getting chipsets from China and make one.

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Ameya Hivarkar
Ameya Hivarkar
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