Equalizer Booster Pro- Simplistic [ Playstore FREE ]

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Equalizer Booster Pro – Simple and Powerful Equalizer.
Improve the sound quality of your android device.
Equalizer Booster Pro works with mostly all kind of Music and Video player apps including Youtube, Google play music.

Worried with absense of equalizer in your favorite music player or bored with an awesome headphone without music effect ? Try this Eq Booster Pro to bring in the quality.

* No ads or non-sense permissions.
* 5 band equalizer.
* Loudness enhancer.
* Bass booster.
* Virtualizer.
* Volume controller.
* Refresh option to bring values to default.
* Notification on background running to access Eq booster easily.

Planned Feature Updates:
*Floating Screen, Widgets, Visualizer.

How to:
* Turn on the Music player/Video player and play your audio/video.
* Open Equalizer Booster Pro and adjust sound level and frequency.
* Use headphones for powerful effect.
*App will run in background and can be launched from Status Bar.

Modify_Audio_Settings, Record_Audio.



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