Deserted Cities: COVID-19’s Urban Impact

A public parcel of land joining buildings in an urban context and in a built environment, in which people free assemble, interact, and move around. A street is also termed as a two-dimensional surface that vehicles drive on when moving from one place to another. Hence, streets are in fact, multidimensional spaces consisting of many surfaces and structures. What about these streets now? 

The COVID-19 pandemic is reshaping the urban life and has left many streets and urban areas empty. Due to social distancing, the most popular destinations are quieter than normal to avoid social contact.

Cities fall silent around the world as tourist attractions are closed amid the pandemic. The Coronavirus pandemic has also emptied out normally busy streets around the world as local governments and nations have closed businesses and put residents under lockdown. The move is practiced to slow down the spread of COVID-19 as cases continue to hike in places like Germany, Spain, the UK, the US, Italy, and France. These lockdowns have made cities look like movie scenes.

As countries have closed museums, tourist attractions, and sporting events to minimize the risk of coronavirus transmissions, everything has fallen quiet. People have also shut indoors and are waiting for things to return to normal. The impact of the pandemic is so enormous that the world has to face major disruptions. The drastic impacts of the coronavirus outbreak have changed nearly every aspect of daily life, leaving a visual impact on the world around us.

Deserted Streets of New Orleans

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Restrictive measures in New York

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The Louvre Museum, Paris

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London’s streets during the Pandemic

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Sydney’s Opera House

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Deserted beaches, grounded aircraft, temporary hospitals, stand-still buses, quiet streets, and socially distant behavior among people has become the common sights. Meanwhile, Earth is breathing, pollutions have reduced, birds are flying, clear skies, clear lakes and water bodies, wind rustling through trees. Some sights are yet eye-catching even when we are at lockdown.

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