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Tags Architecture design plans

Tag: architecture design plans

Desired Lines in Urban Design and User Experience

Desired lines can be defined as an unconventional or those paths in an Urban Design context where there is no concrete construction of a...

Experimental Preservation : A New Perception on the Old Traditions

With the advancements in time and technology, there has also been considerable development in the general perception towards the past and the future. Thus,...
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In memory of Ar. Revathi Kamath: Pioneer of Holistic Architecture

It is extremely hearting wrecking to realize that the pioneer of holistic Architecture, Ar. Revathi Kamath left us on 21st July 2020. Revathi was...

My Abode, My Design

“The home is where the heart is”. This thought resonates with me. Your house is a reflection of you- your tastes, habits, likes, and...

Microsoft teams up with Nike, Mercedes-Benz, and Unilever for a Carbon negative business!

Microsoft has joined hands with eight other corporations all around the world to establish a global goal of erasing their carbon footprints by the...

Green Buildings

In 1987, the UN-commissioned The Brundtland Report 'Our Common Future' described sustainable development as 'development that meets the requirements of this without compromising the power of future generations to satisfy their own...