Lockdown Strategy By Cities Across the World

Coronavirus Pandemic led us to stay in our homes, work from home, and shut down businesses. People came back home from various countries, escaping their restrictions. Who knew there could be a global pandemic, and we would have to create a new normal. Gradually, things started to re-open, if and when they were required.

Though, It was predicted that as the areas would slowly find a pace to this new lifestyle, there would be an increase in the number of cases. As the whole world gazes in astonishment at New Zealand for getting rid of all cases of Covid-19. Developed and Powerful countries like the U.S, Australia, and Canada decide to take precautions while witnessing the high death rate.

2 3he Lockdown Strategy by the U.S and Australia

In the U.S, they have created the ability to test people as early as possible, they’ve gone through 60 million tests beating any other country, the only problem lies with the carefree attitude of some people. However, Trump reassures that a lockdown is just to build a few more facilities for testing aid, and curing when people are exposed to the infection. The gyms and other public spaces have been open there though they continue with online classes and work from home policy to prevent unnecessary chaos.

In Australia, they have put restrictions on the gathering of people varying from state to state. Though the lockdown will not be as restrictive as the first one, they have allowed for the restaurants to open but have a limited seating facility, some have agreed to any number of people but the seating should be patterned such that they maintain a difference of four-meter squares. They’ve put concern for the aged care facilities and have decided on restrictive timings as well as entry.

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In Europe, Ireland has had a stricter lockdown than the UK, with residents only allowed exercising within 2km (1.2 miles) of their homes. Europe is making a strong move by not allowing tourists from certain countries like the U.S. They hit the peak of the infection very early into 2020 and have gone through a terrible phase. Still, the civilians took up the responsibility and overcame with the help of health facilities, police, and commanding authorities.

Countries with High Population Controlling the Infection

In India, as we pace towards the Unlock series, It holds us accountable for how responsibly we manage to prevent the virus from harming us. Though it still continues to function without metros and Local trains which are an exceptionally important mode of transportation method, Schools and Institutes continue with the online examination and classes to cope up with the liability of not being able to be physically present.

No restrictions were placed on residents’ movements, and businesses from restaurants to hairdressers stayed open. No high-tech apps that tracked people’s movements were deployed. The country doesn’t have a center for disease control. And even as nations were exhorted to “test,” Japan has tested just 0.2% of its population — one of the lowest rates among developed countries. The curve has already flattened.

Is there a Defined Map to Give a Pause to Such Circumstances

While all countries have come up with their own road map to execute in times of this global crisis, though, As we move ahead with the progress, the medical facilities have been improving. It also has immediately connected to the urban design and planning with the effect on civilians of the country. Though, people who are travelling to and fro countries are still advised to quarantine when they reach.

The world is moving to face the new normal, architecture of public spaces, cafes, and restaurants are continuously going to evolve, looking specifically at the safety of the customer as well as the staff. In the end, it is the citizens who can be aware, take precautions during the lockdown restrictions and put an end to the pandemic, or maybe a semicolon to flatten the graph for now.

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Ayushi Arora
Ayushi Arora
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