SEO in 2020: What basics you need to know

Search engine optimization( SEO) is turning extremely important for business irrespective of the field. SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is a process of increasing the quantity and quality of website traffic by increasing the visibility of a web page or website. Also, it can be described as a methodology of techniques used to increase the visitors of a website by obtaining an increased high place in a web search or search page result of a search engine. In simple words, getting a high-rank placement in Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines for relevant keywords and phrases. SEO involves making certain changes to the website which results in highly ranked searches. Visibility is increased in unpaid search engine results. With each passing day, the online competitive market continues to increase and new websites are being launched every second, so, it’s time to rethink and redesign your content marketing strategy and invest in SEO. Websites must meet specific requirements that are set by search engines like Google, Yahoo, and this is where SEO strategy becomes very important. Website involved hands must know what SEO trends are on the horizon so that you can update your website accordingly. In this way, more customers and prospects will find you in the search engine results.

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So, let’s dive deep into the SEO trends for the year 2020

  • Dominatinated use of Snippets in Search Clicks

Snippets are small, reusable text blocks that can be used on contacts, company or deal records and even in email or chat conversation. Google-like search engines have evolved a lot in recent years to deliver a better search experience for the user through Featured Snippets. Featured Snippets usually appear at position 0(zero). It lies above the number #1 organic result. To make the most involved use of this feature, you need to come up with clear answers to commonly asked questions on your website. Google has a specified way to determine the position of snippets and through this, they are further evaluated and boosted. This will lead to more clicks on your website. Snippets drive more than half of search engine clicks. According to a recent survey, 69% of clicks from Google come from featured snippets. Isn’t it interesting? The answer is a big yes. They stand as a great opportunity for content creators. Featured snippets give you the ability to generate more organic traffic even if you’re not ranking at some top rankings like number #1.

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  • Secure Websites are mandatory

User safety is not something that had too many links with SEO. But still, it is another trend that is very important to the website user experience. In case the user doesn’t feel secure while visiting a web page then they seem more likely to leave quickly. Or if they see a Not Secure highlighted warning, they may decide, not to proceed with your page. This might lead to a high downfall to your webpage. Consequently, the position of that page in the organic search listing will be affected badly. It’s crucial to enable HTTPS protocol for your site. HTTPS gives website users a security flag. They make connections that are both encrypted and authenticated. They prevent intruders from degrading between your websites, and your users’ browsers. A minor SEO boost will be provided by HTTPS. They will provide a safe and secure browsing experience. Meanwhile, Google always uses HTTPS. Nowadays, a web form is in fashion. Through web forms, personal information of users is collected like name, phone number, email id, address, etc. So, it is your responsibility to ensure privacy.

  • Voice Search optimization of websites

Earlier living plugging words into search engine boxes on their computers. With the innovation range, voice searches came into trend. Keywords were generated from this behavior. Among internet users, voice searches are trending. These voice searches are not only limited to phones, but they can also be performed at home voice assistants like Voice Pod, Amazon Echo, Samsung Smart TV, etc. Once you know how to optimize your website for voice search, you can generate more organic traffic. For this, you will have to understand and implement conversational searches into your SEO strategy. Let’s know how do voice searches affect SEO. Voice searches are not restricted to entering search queries, instead, they have made terms more targeted and specific. Voice searches do not make short choppy keywords too important, they directly focus on what the user is looking at at that moment. By 2022, more than 55% of searches will be intimated through voice. So voice search optimization is really crucial to stand out in the current search engines.

  • Cruciality of influencers for SEO

People are often looking for authentic information they can trust. Reviews must be by a well known and respected person. This has led to an exponential rise in influencer marketing. Media companies and Digital marketers are increasing their investment in the influencer marketing world because it has produced excellent results. According to Linqua’s report, “39% of digital marketers increased their influencer marketing budget in the year 2018.” Online marketers are spending really too much on influencers. So, to amplify your content reach and generate more traffic for your website, hire with an influencer. Solid backlinks will come in associated with them. Backlinks are often used by Google to enhance the web page’s ranking. Be sure, partners or influencers are completely relevant to your industry.

  •  Videos: Source of Information

With the voice searches upcoming, videos on the internet are also on the rise. 6 out of 10 people do watch online videos than on television. YouTube has now become a new television. A popular quality video will do much. Internet-addicted generation do more relied on online videos to get information, either for entertainment or academic purposes. To affect SEO via videos, use more appropriate keywords in the headline and description of your video which will ensure that video reaches more viewers who are interested in that subject.

  • High-quality Content is important

Content can make or break your success. It has proved to be the most defining factor in helping SEO. In simple words, quality content is what’s going to help to your site performance directly. Online ads are still working for boosting business, but they are expensive. Also, there is no surety about the customer’s responses to your ads. People don’t have time to go through the whole ad and learn the conclusion. Many ads are viewed for less than a second. This eventually led to a $38 billion loss in a digital ad in the year 2017. Therefore, high-quality content is the most essential factor for effective SEO strategies. Content must be point-to-point, relevant, authenticate, and helpful for sure. Good content will approve for higher search engine rankings. Your web pages need to provide correct answers to whatsoever users search for. Content must be easy to read, navigate and conclude. Informative and quality articles in easy to digest forms are the only type of content that will be accepted for the website’s popularity in 2020 and coming years of the decade.

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  • Dwell Time and click-through rates: Rank deciding Factors

As people are more bent to fast internet connections and fingertip information, email, and website click-through rates (CTR) and dwell time (aka the amount of time a person spends on a web page before bouncing out) will matter more to the success of your SEO efforts. Both insights show the satisfaction of a web searcher. The length of time that users spend on a particular webpage or website shows how much are they interested in your content. This clearly reflects users’ satisfaction in a particular link.

  • Excellent Digital Experiences

No matter how good your keywords and content is, none of that really matters if your web page has a complex user interface or not load quickly. It is a prove fact that switch the web pages if any webpage does not load in a few seconds, this being a very important factor in the world of SEO. Every second count in page load time, a single second delay can result in a huge loss to your business. Prevent the use of words that are hard to understand. Navigation should be easy to understand and logical. All you have to do is to keep user bounded to your webpage, and stop him from bouncing from your web page. These are major factors that will decide your webpage being in the top positions of a search engine or lower once’s.

  • Content-Length: A key point to be used remembered

We have already discussed how to enhance the quality of content, but we should also focus on the length. Longer high-quality content containing Web pages get more points. Why does it happen? It is all because the internet users prefer to get all the information from a single reliable source by a single click only. Studies have proven that pages with articles of 2,000 or more words get more readers than an article with fewer words. But high word count is not alone enough. The content must be quality rich enough to answer all the questions users can possibly have and be able to address closely-related questions.

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