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MINECRAFT DUNGEON is a Dungeon – Crawler video game played in third-person perspective view in single-player and multiplayer game mode. This game is Developed by MOJANG STUDIOS and DOUBLE ELEVEN and this game is Published by XBOX GAME STUDIOS. Director of this game is MANS OLSEN and Producer of this game is ANNICA STRAND and STEVEN TAARLAND.


Designers of this game are DANIEL BRYNOLF, LAUREDE LIORENS GRACIA and MATTHEW DUNTHONE and this game is Programmed by NIKLAS BOREDOM. Artist of this game is DANIEL BJOREKEFONS and Composer of this game is PETER HONT, SAMUEL ABERJ and JOHAN JOHNSON. This game has a series named MINECRAFT which has lots of games and MINECRAFT DUNGEON is one of them and the Engine used to launch this game is UNREAL ENGINE 4. MINECRAFT DUNGEON was released on 26th May 2020 and can be played on various gaming consoles which are,






MINECRAFT DUNGEON is a Dungeon – Crawler video game played in third-person perspective view in single-player and multiplayer game mode. When it comes to MINECRAFT, all the things are about blocks. The game is fully made of Blocks which includes all the natural resources and each and everything in the game is made of blocks which is the most interesting thing of this game.

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The game MINECRAFT DUNGEONS is not similar to other games of Minecraft. This game doesn’t have an open world, no mining and we cannot build buildings in this game too. This is a Storyline based game which needs to be completed by us. This game has a simple story of an Archie whose name is Illager, a villager was driven away by his people, He was searching for a home and no villagers were allowing him to live with them in any village. One day Archie stumbled upon an artefact named ‘ORB OF DOMINANCE’. This artefact had all the powers of the world off MINECRAFT, and the Artifact was stolen by Archie and because of that Artifact. Archie became powerful and built his own army and kingdom and started attacking all the villages which rejected him to stay with them.

In the game, the player controls a character who wants to attack Archie and save the villages. In this game, the player needs to attack Archie before he attacks all the villages and finishes them. The player has given some lives which are very limited if the player gets damaged he can restore his lives by eating food or other enchanted food to restore his life very quickly. To defeat an enemy the player can use lots of weapons and powerful armours which will make it easy for the player to attack enemies. To attack Archie the player needs to start his battle from the kingdom of Archie and finish him and get the Artifact back to its place for the welfare of villagers. In Multiplayer mode of the game, The player can attack the enemy with their friends’ help and finish the game very easily. We can also change the player’s outfits as we want and give him a dangerous look.

  • This game is very Amazing to play
  • one should try this game and enjoy saving MINECRAFT’S WORLD.

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