Friday: Smallest Smart Lock

To break the conventional practice of still running around with metal keys that we tend to use, here’s something to which you can adapt. Instead of choosing one standard key, there are only 1,000 combinations; it’s actually an un-secure system that can be lock-picked.

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The world’s smallest smart lock, Friday. BIG (Bjarke Ingels Group) teamed up with Friday Labs to create the smart lock. By using the Friday app, one can easily unlock their doors wirelessly as well as automatically as they leave house or approach towards the house.

When an access-granted user’s phone approaches the system, the door unlocks automatically. The Friday smart lock automatically unlocks a door when it senses the resident approaching, lock it as they leave, or allow them to control who accesses the property remotely.

The BIG designed it to fit the smart lock on the inside of almost any door in place of the traditional handle lock. Everything can be controlled through the app, allowing for temporary users, as well as to remove access if a phone is stolen. The Friday app additionally keeps tracks on all actions, including existing, sending notifications to the primary users.

The Friday lock is 2.7 inches has the smallest dimensions of any retrofit lock on the market. It enables users to issue ‘keys’ or guests or delivery people easily and easily revoke them. The Smart lock is manufactured in five finishes – steel, copper, brass, bronze, and gunmetal, having a shape like an architectural form of the saddle roof.


A conventional keyhole existing already on the door can be covered up from outside of the door, and the Smart lock requires only a screwdriver. While the automatic locking and remote access are attractive, the smart lock has a full potential of a secure suite of home security. These Smart locks can be easily paired with other intelligent products like surveillance cameras to have a reliable alarm system that will identify all the people entering your home and can be stored for future purposes.

Some essential features of the Smart lock:

  1. It connects wirelessly
  2. Remote unlock and lock feature with automatic unlocking
  3. Remote controls via mobiles app
  4. It issues entry codes to friends and family within seconds.
  5. Door lock use notification on the mobile phone app
  6. Interchangeable shells – 7 different finishes.
  7. Compatible with Apple home kit
  8. Easy installation and rechargeable battery (Lithium battery) lasting for three months.

As you go close to the door, it detects your phone and unlocks the door. The Friday Smart lock costs $249, and it comes with commonly used features. It is for sure on the mid-high range with costs for residential smart locks but has a better-suited choice. You can go completely keyless as your phone acts as the key to breaking the stereotypes of conventional locks. 

To know more about Architecture Technology, Stay Tuned. Till then, you can visit the Security Awareness Section for day-to-day cyberattacks and how to prevent them.

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