A Subsequent Green Future, Dock Mill

An Overview:

Urban Agency’s vision drawing inspiration from Timber’s Natural qualities – ‘Dock Mill’ proposed as the tallest timber building in Europe. The international firm foretells a well designed sustainable project that preserves nature conceptually and materiality. Dock Mill follows a vertical trajectory and is all set as a precedent for future projects globally. The proposal is a vertical extension of an old industrial mill in Docklands of Dublin, creating residential and offices areas.


Thought of Design: 

Timber is naturally lightweight, and it can be easily transported with ensuring prefabrication off-site. The off-site prefabrication thus reduces the local disruption and hight carbon footprint associated with the construction work. Furthermore, the light and tensile qualities of the wood make it a perfect solution for extending the historical mill rather than the usage of other building materials.

Epitomizing the potential to resue and preserve the National Architectural legacy and also meet the demands to design-build vertically than other way out. Through environmental-friendly & sustainable construction, wood serves as a dominant building material. As for the concept of a tree, the design proposal sinks its roots into the existing structure of the mill. The top of timber grown upward in a network of timber rafters that mimic tree branches. The design and shape of contemporary extension above the existing mill draw reference from mill’s triangular gable.

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The design of Dock mill is flexible in nature with modern lifestyle creating multi-functional spaces with maintaining adaptability for changing future functions. Top floor level, a winter garden is planned. The offices are well planned, and the facade wraps in a double glass skin that allows natural light to floor interiors exposing the structure of the building. The structure preserves the warmth, texture and scent of woodgrain inside, making it a modern take on glasshouse.

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Dock Mill’s contemporary design is committed to the preservation and privacy of the historical mill as the apartments extend vertically with sympathetic addition of timber tower to create office spaces. The design proposal addresses the lack of direct access to the building by introducing an adjacent boardwalk that unites the area completely, forming an architectural ecosystem. Architecture benefits from natural moisture levels sustaining healthy air quality.

Dock mill strives to become one of the tallest timber buildings in Europe. This adaptive reuse project aims to display enormous wood while breathing new life into a historical building. Urban Agency’s adaptive reuse of the mill has grown out of history, providing the potential for future sustainability.

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