A Statement of Style: Parametric Design

Parametric design is a modern computational style of architecture. It comes up with technological advancement. Modernism is an ideology of universalism, standardization, mass production, and homogeneity. It is replacing the modern architecture and moving forward towards the technologically advanced development of the same.

Zaha Hadid had embarked on her journey through Parametric Design while working through a completely different approach. It inclines towards the feminist side of Architecture, through curves, minimalism, and experience.


It allows for handling the complexity of the built. Through the software, computation, and calculation, better things could be worked upon. Better user space experience, advanced calculations, avoidance of HVAC, and better development of resources.

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A parametric shape is the one which through the input of numbers, logistics, and sizes becomes into an organic shape, which could complement the surroundings all along. It gives better options to create a certain design, and through visual reality, one can also experience beforehand about the experiences they’re going to have when space is completed.

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Though the parametric design never experimented before, Zaha Hadid came forward and discovered the many features, elements, and material that changed the way people looked at certain monuments. It was more about the spaces, the computation of integration, and the in-situ construction rather than building a block of concrete.

The proposed case studies involve the author undertaking parametric design tasks acting
as a consultant to commercial practices. The options were growing alongside the deconstructive architecture.

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As users were experiencing that the architecture was not just about giving space to the built, but the experience, form, material, and construction that comes with it. It started as a style statement for large museums, advanced leisure spaces, hotels, etc. To date, people find it difficult to study and design because of the complexity of the construction, which cannot be adapted to the residential part. Just about everything is known about the designed object except its exact dimensions and tolerances. It may also be in some cases that the exact material choice is also unknown, though the basic class of material will usually be included in the configuration information.

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The challenges started to occur with the controlling of logistics, the making of the curve. Though it has always been present, today the architects are focused on finding out if the buildings could be designed without computer-aided design (Auto-CAD).

Although there was a time that computing such technicalities wouldn’t have been possible but today we’ve such software that supports it, making the life of an architect a little easy.

Some students use these software(s) to alternate their approach towards designing when the students are designed for school projects, they learn the software and apply it while they are progressing with the work. Although what they miss is sometimes the complexities in construction because those are hypothetical projects. They are better understood when their application is shown in real-time projects.

Though when we look deeper into the progression made, it does start from the designs and philosophy of Patrick Schumaker, before which Parametricism was underpinned as an architectural style. The meaning of the word ‘design’ is diametrically opposed to this concept of precision. While its origin comes from the Latin word ‘designare’, which means ‘to designate’, it often implies an unpredictable or uncertain activity dealing with quite ‘ill-defined’ problems. The conclusion amidst it is the point where you find a solution to the problem. Different styles of architecture have always given the solution to various world problems from preserving culture to finding adequate materials such as concrete, steel, and glass to provide a solution for easy development.

As today, there is a change in the dynamics of style. The more advanced we become, we see that there is a need for structures to reflect what development is in our hands, how we can manage to become better at showing the creativity from our end.

Parametric design is yet only an initial statement, as we dig deeper into the subject, it is vast and complex. But it could be one solution to the environmental problems related to architecture if combined with green architecture as well.

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Ayushi Arora
Ayushi Arora
Is an architect, a passionate writer and has a keen interest in UX/UI Designing. Apart from writing, she is fond of exploring the unseen parts of the city through the eyes of an architect.

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