10 Fun Online Games And Activities To Learn Coding

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Coding is an incredibly lucrative profession, and gamified learning has become one of the most successful ways to get newbies learning how to code. After all, video games result from coding, so it only made sense to use coding to teach coding. 

There are dozens of games and activities out there that can help you learn to code, and we’ll be listing some of the best ones to help you learn to code. Making learning fun is the first step to getting things to stick in your head, and gamified learning is the embodiment of that.

Minecraft: Education Edition

Did you know that Minecraft is an excellent tool for teaching coding? Minecraft: Education Edition features fun missions that teach code fundamentals through block-based languages such as Tynkier and Microsoft MakeCode. These block-based programming languages are beneficial as they remove syntax from the equation and let new programmers focus on how code interacts.

Once you evolve from block code, Minecraft Pi is a python language that acts as a more advanced way to learn code, integrating syntax and having external modding present. Minecraft is a fantastic tool for learning how to code, and its developers have continued supporting it with various resources on their educational sites.

CSS Diner

CSS Diner is a fun little online game that teaches coding through the lens of a, you guessed it, diner. Through simple visuals and in-depth challenges, programmers can get familiar with coding. The challenges are pretty short and focus specifically on classes, identification, and selectors, core components of CSS coding.


This site teaches essential problem-solving skills and fundamental programming basics through fun turn-based gameplay. There are over 25 different languages with their own set of online coding courses available for new developers to play around with. All you need is to create an account, and you’ll immediately get started playing with code that you build in their engine.


Flexbox uses CSS in its lessons and features two iconic games for developers to create: Frogger and Tower Defense. The first game, Froggers, features 24 levels and puts frogs on the correct color of a lily pad. It’s effortless and is meant for getting new developers familiar with the language.

On the other hand, Flexbox Defense is a lot more involved, featuring rudimentary pathing AI that follows a preset route, towers that deal damage to enemy health (i.e., math), and of course, win conditions. Tower defense games are fun and feature a lot of coding concepts for video games that are very important.

Human Resource Machine

From the creators of the hit games World of Goo and Little Inferno, Human Resource Machine is an addictive puzzle game for teaching assembly language. The visuals are quirky and cute, but its concepts are all authentic and practical. This is an excellent start for those who want to know what programming feels like before actual programming.


Scratch is a block-based language specializing in teaching conditions, events, and variables through self-made projects. These can either be games or animated presentations. There are many built-in assets for you to use, and all you have to do is put in blocks of code to give them a function. MIT uses scratch for its introductory courses.


Tynker is a more involved site for learning popular programming languages such as Java, JavaScript, Python, CSS, and HTML. There are many projects for new developers to start with and step-by-step instructions on how to accomplish them. The online editor is surprisingly in-depth and lets you share finished projects with others.

Screeps: World

Screeps: World is a massively multiplayer online real-time strategy game that makes your colony from scratch. The core gameplay loop uses JavaScript to teach your units precisely what to do. Think of it as playing and developing a game simultaneously. While it’s not exactly a beginner’s game, it’s perfect for getting the proper habits to become an intermediate programmer.

Code Combat

CodeCombat is an innovative game that teaches new developers coding through a fun, action-filled adventure. It is an excellent platform for teaching JavaScript, Python, and HTML languages. The visuals are positively retro-inspired, and teachers can easily track students’ progress in-game through the teacher dashboard. For fun and dynamic way to teach code, Code Combat is an action-packed way.


Coding might seem intimidating, but it is one of the most fun professions to learn and keep learning. Technology is constantly evolving, and for those who love a challenge, coding is something that will never disappoint. Gamified learning is the future of education, and it’s best to start on things sooner rather than later.

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Chatty Garrate
Chatty Garrate
Chatty is a freelance writer from Manila. She finds joy in inspiring and educating others through writing. That's why aside from her job as a language evaluator for local and international students, she spends her leisure time writing about various topics such as lifestyle, technology, and business.

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