World Of Warcraft: How to Reach Level 60 Fast?


WORLD OF WARCRAFT is a Massive Multiplayer Online game. It is a Role-Playing and Story formatted game. The story of the game depended on the war between kingdoms. The game was released on 23rd November 2004. The series name of this game is WARCRAFT. The game is Developed and Published by  BLIZZARD ENTERTAINMENT. The Designers of this game are 1) ROD PARDO, 2) JEFF KAPLAN  and 3) TOM CHILTON. And the game is Composed by JASON HAYES.

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The game contains two categories, realms to play which are:-

  • NORMAL:– A regular type realm, where the gameplay is mostly focused on Defeating monsters and  Completing quests. With player vs player fights.
  • ROLE PLAY:- This mode also works the same way as ‘NORMAL’ but focuses on players role-playing in character.

The game has many characters to play, you can also build your own characters and play the game. The game has nice graphics and fewer bugs in the game. The game is only played online, you cannot play it Offline. The game has various features such as PARENTAL CONTROLS. In this feature, parents can control the timer of the game while playing. this will keep the child away from addicting towards it. If the child plays the game beyond the timer the Producers and Developers team can BAN that player from the game. It is not necessary to play the game on your own device, you can also play this game on any device after Purchasing a Permanent ID.


The game WORLD OF WARCRAFT is an online multiplayer game. The game can be played on:-


The games character controls are in THIRD and FIRST PERSON VIEW. The game has Exploring World concepts like Landscape, Fighting various Monsters and completing Quests. There are various levels with Innovative and Interesting Themes. The game is based on the story of WARCRAFT which makes it more interesting to play.

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The first player who reached level 60 in the WORLD OF WARCRAFT is JOKERD (MALTA). Who reached at level 60 on 30th December 2019. He was playing the game for 79 hours almost continuously. This was a Guinness world record.

To reach level 60, you will need to play the game for at least 7 days maximum or 1 month per two hours of play then only you can reach level 60 quickly. There are also some cheats which make the game easy to play, some of them are:-

1) ThereIsNoSpoon – All units gain infinity mana

2) GreedIsGood – Instantly obtain 500 Lumber 500 Gold

3) SomebodySetUsUpTheBomb – Instantly lose the current mission

Because of these cheats, it can be easy to play the game. And reach level 60 quickly and claim rewards. Otherwise, take your time to play the game and reach the level by your speed.

So grab up the game and reach level 60 easily.

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Ameya Hivarkar
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