Tourist Information Center, Ponta Negra Park

An Overview:

The Tourist Information Center, completed in 2019 with an area of 1141 sq.ft by Laurent Troost Architectures, Brazil is remarkably thought.

A small pavilion located in the main public park of Manaus on the edge of Negro River, Ponta Negra Park. The information centre has mesmerizing views of the horizon and Negro River. The construction doesn’t obstruct the horizon view and prioritizes transparency and lightness.


Design Thought:

Tourist Information Center’s randomly tilted columns support the roof plan, for a lighter structural appearance. The columns aesthetically have a natural and strong identity, related to the landscape of the park and Amazon.



Plants and trees present eaves in all directions around the Pavillion for adequate protection from the Amazonian sun. While protecting from the setting sun, the Information centre closes on the West side with a double concrete wall and has its largest dimension in the direction of the rising sun. Furthermore, the double concrete wall on the west side guarantees powerful thermal inertia.

Tourist Information Center - Ponta Negra Park / Laurent Troost Architectures,© Maíra Acayaba

With having an incredible view, the Tourist Information Center has incredible cross ventilation through the main opening of service space towards the prevailing winds across. The glass used in structure for the enclosure is without frames, thus minimizing the obstacles of inside out. The diffuse boundary between interior and exterior has a smooth access ramp to the Centre to minimize visual and physical barriers further.

Mindfully thought Tourist Information Center guarantees an ‘invitation to enter’ for users of the Park.

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