Tesla’s Cybertruck: A Buzzword Of Our Time

Recently, Tesla’s Cybertruck has been in the news as soon as it rolled out. A new electric pickup truck looking ‘futuristic-like’ and ‘cyberpunk’ and indeed with its triangular profile, it looks a bit a shiny, gabled roof on wheels. Get to know about what all fuss is about!

Reports were easy to track from the internet’s reaction about the Cybertruck, which included a lot of love but numerous jokes too.

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On November 21, Ellon Musk unveiled the Cybertruck – a pick-up truck that Tesla hopes to sell in the United States. Pick-up trucks generally are large cars with a front area called a cab where people site, and a separate rear area where cargo can be carried. As one can see, the top six vehicles in the US are all pick-up trucks for the past decades. Musk has mentioned about the design being inspired in part by Blade Runner.

Of those who have seen the Cybertruck 56% didn’t know about it, 44% reacted negatively, another 27% weren’t sure about how to react. Just 29% of Americans in the survey had given absolute thumbs-up. It is true that Cybertruck will shake up automotive design. By adding the unsure and negative responses gives us 71% of Americans not thrilled with the pickup. This is only 44% of 21,143 and 56% had no opinion at all.

Cybertruck Features:

Traditional pickup truck tows huge loads because their structure takes the stress from the towed weight. The following mentioned are Cybertruck’s features that will give you a complete idea about its design.

  1. Unlike many pickup trucks, the Cybertruck has a unibody design having a built around a metal scaffolding. The metal frame supports the engine as well as absorbs the physical stresses.
  2. The design of Cybertruck cuts down on a vehicle’s overall bulk and provides a protective place to store batteries below the vehicle. The batteries are shielded by the body of the truck.
  3. To prevent the metal unibody from bending and twisting under pressure, engineers have placed reinforcing pillars at strategic spots. these reinforcing pillars are said to be at the sharp edges of Cybertruck.
  4. The Cybertruck holds a maximum towing capacity of 14,000lbs (6,350 kilograms) and a payload of 3,500 lbs. (1,580 kilograms).
  5. Even with being a powerful truck, the body is lightweight because of the steel framing.
  6. The reduction in body weight, allows the driver to accelerate from 0 to 60mph (100km/h) in just 2.9 seconds -even with a battery weight of 1,000 lbs. (450 kg).
  7. 300 – 500-mile range with bed shells lines with solar cells.
  8. The Cybertruck is an all-electric battery-powered light commercial vehicle.

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Musk’s design does two things – gets rid of internal framing that traditional pick-up trucks use and the exoskeleton does all the load-bearing, being planar is design (composed of straight lines). With the advantage of using steel as it does not need to be painted, Cybertruck reduces the time-consuming painting process by decreasing the source of pollution.

Cybertruck seems to be a price range competitively from $39,000 to $69,00, whereas the pickup buyers are used to paying nearly $50,000 for a new truck. One of the main selling points according to Musk and Tesla are – it’s incredible strength and resilience of the body and the windows.

When the pick-up truck was first revealed, people hated it as it seemed ugly and unconventional to them which was destined to be unpopular. But after a period of time, people seemed to think that there was beauty in Cybertruck’s angular lines. And within a period of 4 days, a quarter of million people had ordered it, approximately 200,000 orders in 3 days of launch, Musk mentioned. The production is said to begin in late 2021 with the production of the Tri-Motor AWD version of Cybertruck-according to Tesla.

To me, it is astonishing to accept the fact that it is a turning point in the design of automobiles similar to the skyscrapers – a turning point in architectural design. Electric, easy to make, time-consuming process, durable, cheap and a better option than over pollution, time-consuming manufacturing with expensive make is a better idea. After all, the function is an important factor in today’s world than the form.

After so many years of history and development involved in the form and function of an automobile, it is under pressure to change. And the immediate need is to move away from the combustion engine and its apocalyptic environmental effects. Rather its a question to be put forward – Is your manufactured model sustainable?

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