Rock of Ages 3: Make and Break Review


ROCK OF AGES 3: MAKE AND BREAK a Tower defence, racing type of video game played in single-player and multiplayer game mode. ROCK OF AGES 3 is the game Developed by ACE TEAM and Published by ATLUS USA. The engine used to launch this game is UNREAL ENGINE 4. This game can be played on various gaming consoles, and every console has a different release date of the game. Release date of the game and their gaming platforms where we can play this game is,

1) XBOX 360 – 31st August 2011

2) MICROSOFT WINDOWS – 7th September 2011

3) PLAYSTATION 3 – 15th May 2012

This game is a T rated game which means that this game has an age limit and this game can be played by teenagers and above that age only.

rockofages3 ps4 review


ROCK OF AGES 3: MAKE AND BREAK is a Tower defence, racing type of game played in single-player and multiplayer game mode. This game combines a tower defence strategy with a rolling boulder. ROCK OF AGES 3 displays a feature of a chronology period of Five times which are,






Each period describes a unique PYTHONESQUE art, style and lifestyle of people living in that period in this game. Main Aim of this game is to use a large Boulder to attack the castle which is situated at the bottom of the hill. The player needs to control a rock toward a castle and break down the castle wall to complete the level of the game. While controlling the rock we need to keep our rock safe from the obstacles which are situated between the path to the castle. While completing the level if the boulder you are in gets destroyed the player needs to start the game over again. There are many levels in the game which we need to complete and finish the game. In the game, we can also travel to different places to destroy more castle walls.


ROCK OF AGES 3: MAKE AND BREAK contain various different game modes which can be played in single-player and multiplayer game mode. The game modes are,

1) STORY MODE:- In Story Mode, the player needs to complete a story of different periods and complete the level of each story and complete the game. In the story, various non-playing characters are telling the story of different periods in their lifestyle. Some of the stories are very funny, and some are boring to see.

2) OBSTACLE COURSE MODE:- In Obstacle course mode, the player needs to attack the castle wall by defending the obstacle which is set in the middle of the path which is toward the castle.


3)  SKEEBALL MODE:- In Ski ball mode, the rock we use to play the game acts like a skee ball and we need to score the points by putting the ball into a skee ball board. In this game, we need to control the ball and lead it to enter the board in a point hole.

4) RACE MODE:- In Race mode, the player needs to take part in an obstacle race and win the match. The Race mode is played in a multiplayer game mode which makes it difficult and challenging to play the game.

5) COURSE CREATOR MODE:- In Course creator mode, The player needs to build a path towards the castle to play the game. Players can put lots of obstacles in the path to stop the boulder from destroying the castle. The player can also plant a money field to raise more funds and make the way more difficult. There are many obstacles which can be used to stop the rock; the obstacles are DYNAMITES, CANONS, TREES, WINDMILLS, BUILDINGS and ANIMALS. After making the path, the player needs to control the rock and destroy the castle.

  • The game is very amazing to play and played worldwide.
  • one should try this game and enjoy destroying the castle walls.

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