Reliance Jio free Wi-Fi Calling

Every day telecom major Reliance Jio is coming nation-wide with new ruling out features to facilitate its users in a direct or indirect way. It extends your network coverage, keeping you connected always. In this series, Wednesday added feature is free WiFi calling. Let’s understand uses, eligibility, benefits and other details in depth.

Wi-Fi Calling is an HD technology (High Definition technology) voice service that uses a High-Speed Internet connection to allow users to make and receive calls over a Wi-Fi network via their existing phone number. This path-breaking technology is coming into the function at much high speed than usual ones. In the first week of December, Airtel launched a free WiFi calling facility, now Jio has come up with this to make uninterrupted voice and video calls irrespective of any additional charges. It helps to connect in case of signal issues in remote areas and also cellular-dark zones of a building. It’s functioning well at no additional charge. All you need is an existing Jio voice plan and an HD voice compatible device. The video and voice calls will switch-over between VoLTE and Wi-Fi to provide voice/video-calling experience to the Jio customers. Jio Wi-Fi calling system works on the largest ecosystem of handsets.IMG 20200113 140130

Free Wi-fi call activation details:-
How to make free Wi-Fi call from your Jio number
1. Firstly, Open phone settings
2.  Search for Wi-Fi calling option in settings
3. Enable Wi-Fi calling option.
4. Connect to a Wi-Fi network to start making Wi-Fi calls anywhere in India
5. You should keep both Wi-Fi Calling and VoLTE switched on.
6.  You will have to follow the same process as traditional voice calls
Your phone will automatically toggle between Wi-Fi and cellular network for the best quality calling with minimum data usages.

Who is eligible for Jio Wi-Fi calling? 
Someone who has a smartphone that is Wi-fi Calling capable, along with an active Jio tariff plan.

Benefits of Wi-fi calling
1. Stable and clearer calls- make crystal clear voice and video calls over Wi-fi, which are completely free of cost.
2. Make calls from anywhere in India.
3. Extended indoor coverage – always keeps you connected even in case of indoor network dark spots.
4. Works on any Wi-fi network.

Does it cost something? 
Certainly No, The Wi-Fi Calling feature is available without any additional charge and is comprised as part of your existing voice plan.

In case, you want to make any calls to international Wi-Fi call, then calls are billed as “International Calls” (also known as ISD calls).

How to enable Reliance Jio free Wi-Fi Calling? IMG 20200113 140157

Go to phone settings, switch Wi-Fi calling feature ON to your Wi-Fi calling capable handset. Secondly, connect to a Wi-Fi network. In this simpler way, you can enjoy Wi-Fi calling anywhere in India.

You should keep both VoLTE and Wi-Fi Calling switched on, for an uninterrupted experience.
Now, you might question, Can I make a Wi-Fi Calling during roaming?  So the answer is definitely yes.

Yes, you can avail of this free service during roaming too. Your phone will automatically toggle between cellular network and Wi-Fi to provide you, the best calling experience seamlessly. The service works on any Wi-Fi, anywhere in India. The service is termed as the VoWiFi service that will provide free video and voice calling for all Jio customers. This service will be available on over 150 handsets. Users can switch to voice over Wi-Fi inside their offices or homes. Jio has been testing this service for last few months.IMG 20200113 140208

Regardless of the location within India, the customers making Wi-Fi calls to Indian numbers will also be free of cost, regardless of the location within India. This means, even roaming will add extra charges. The actual data usage of your voice or video calls may differ but the company claims that voice calling uses less than half MB of data per minute. The Reliance Jio Wi-Fi free Calling service will consume minimum Wi-Fi data as phone and video calls are made. To enjoy this newly added feature, without any interruptions, you should be upgraded to the latest device software update of your Android or iOS smartphones and have access to a high-speed and stable Wi-Fi internet connection.

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