Pokemon Snap Game is Coming to the Nintendo Switch


POKEMON SNAP is an Animated type of game, for the POKEMON Lovers. HAL LABORATORY and PAX SOFTNICA develop the game. NINTENDO publishes the game. The Director’s of this game are, YOICHI YAMAMOTO, KOJI INOKUCHI and AKIRA TAKESHIMA. The producers of this game are, SATORU IWATA, SHIGERU MIYAMOTO and KENJI MIKI. The designers of this game are, SHIGEZO KAWASE, TAKEYUKI MACHIDA, MASANOBU YAMAMOTO and SHIZU HIGASHIYAMA.

pokemon snap switch

The game is Composed by IKUKO MIMORI. The series of this game is ‘Pokémon’. The game Initial Release date is 21st March 1999. The game can be played on,

  • Wii
  • Wii U

 The game will be released soon on NINTENDO SWITCH to play.

The game POKEMON SNAP is a First-Person Rail Shooter type of game. It is also a Simulation type of game. The game is played in Single Player Mode. The game is the same as other First Person Shooter View games. The game has Graphics. In the game, we are a Professional Pokémon photo shooter, we are hired by a professor who needs pictures of different Pokémon to study about them. In the game, we are sent to Pokémon island to click photos of Pokémon to give to the Professor.


The game POKEMON SNAP is a Simulation type of game. In the game, we are a Professional Pokémon photographer named TODD SNAP. We are hired by Professor OAK, who studies Pokémon’s. In the game, we are sent to an Island to Professor OAK’S lab. The Island is fully filled with Different Pokémon’s with a variety of Climatic and Geographical Conditions. Professor OAK needs a Quality Photographer of Pokémon’s to study its Scientific Findings. Professor OAK knows TODD SNAP from experience, and he knows that TODD SANP is the right person for this job.

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In the game, we are sent to the Island by a Motorized Buggy Name d ZERO-ONE. The Buggy ZERO-ONE follows a rail route throughout the game, which is similar to Rail Shooter. TODD SNAP explores the Island and clicks the Photographs of Pokémon’s that are inhabited in their Environment. We can click up to 60 pictures of Pokémon’s per visit. After completing the course, the player can select their Best and Clear pictures of Pokémon’s. The photos are then rated by Professor Oak and then added to the Report. We can Score Points by taking Pictures of Pokémon’s by various aspect such as,

  1.  Pokémon’s size
  2. Their Pose
  3. Keeping the Pokémon in Frame

We can earn Extra Points by taking Pictures of Pokémon’s by various aspects such as, 1) Capturing Pokémon’s Special Pose, Such as Surfing    Pikachu.

We can also keep the special Pictures of Pokémon in our Album, and we can show these Pictures to our Friends.

To click the pictures of Pokémon’s, we start with a Simple Camera. But After Completing courses and Impressing Professor OAK, Professor OAK  will Provide us with Special Equipment to click Photographs, which obtains Better Photographs of Pokémon’s. The players should Replay the Levels after Unlocking Equipment to Locate Hidden Pokémon’s. The game also features seven levels where Pokémon’s live in the game; the places are allotted as levels to the game. The levels are,

  • CAVE

These are the levels of the game where you will find different types of Pokémon’s.


The game POKEMON SNAP was first played in NINTENDO 64, Wii, Wii U. Now the game will be able to play in NINTENDO SWITCH too. The Developer HAL LABORATORY and Publisher  NINTENDO will launch the game on NINTENDO SWITCH soon.

So try the game in NINTENDO SWITCH after Release    

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