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Outriders is a role-playing third-person shooter viewed video game, played in single-player and multiplayer game-mode, Developed by People Can Fly and published by Square Enix. The game is directed by Bartosz Kmita, written by Joshua Rubin, and composed by Inon Zur. Outriders are made using the engine Unreal Engine 4 and were released on 1st April 2021. The game can be played on various gaming platforms such as:

1) Microsoft windows

2) PlayStation 4

3) PlayStation 5

4) Xbox one

5) Xbox series X

6) Xbox series S

7) Stadia



Outriders is a role-playing third-person shooter viewed video game, played in single-player and multiplayer game mode. In the beginning, The player starts the game by choosing and customizing their characters to play the game and choosing a different in-game class, which gives players different abilities and makes them easy to play. There are four abilities in-game, which are,

1. Devastator

This is your ‘tank’ character choice. Devastator can soak up a lot of bullets, but it is not a very subtle class. In close combat, they can cause a lot more damage than other classes and the way you develop this class will see you either focus on them being a strong attacking force or a strong defensive one.

  1. Pyromancer

The name reveals a lot about this class as the Pyromancer uses a lot of fire to cause damage. Their attack is a bit stronger from mid-range and they look to have a fair amount of powers that you can use. Due to this, the class is seen as one that is perhaps better in cooperative mode, so that other players can help you have the time to utilize the powers of this class best.

  1. Technomancer

Similar in name to the Pyromancer, the Technomancer class is seen as one more ideal for cooperative gameplay. This is due to it being more of a support class. It is a class that is lethal in long-range combat and they have the use of gadgets. They can also heal themselves and their teammates. If you pick the Technomancer, you might miss out on some of the exhilarating short-range combat, but the gadgets are fun, and some of the Technomancer abilities can save lives.

  1. Trickster

Last but not least is the Trickster class. It requires a lot of skill in order to get the best out of the class but it is a lot of fun to play as. The class is agile and very deadly at close range and the best way to use them is by using hit-and-run tactics. A Trickster is able to slow down time and this ability makes them a very crucial asset in the many battles you will have within the game.


While playing in the squad, each player can choose his own class, no class can be repeated in the squad. Due to this the players can play the game with unity and teamwork and utilize the classes together and at right time to win the game. These special skills have a short period of time to cool down. The game features a skill tree, which allows players to upgrade and unlock their skills.

Except for skills, players can also use different ammunition weapons such as Shotguns, and assault rifles to defeat enemies. While attacking, the player can hide behind various covers or object to shield themselves from enemies, Though the health of the player will only regenerate after killing enemies. The player can also combat monsters and human enemies. As the player progresses through game and battle, the world level will increase with lots of difficulty and levels.

OutridersDemo IL2

The game also incorporates various role-playing elements. As the player can explore the open world of the game when not on a mission, he can explore different hubs and areas and talk to non-playable characters, and complete various side missions. In cut scenes and dialogue trees, the player can choose his conservations with the non-playable character. Though it does not affect the story’s progression.

  • Once you all should try this game and help your team to defeat monsters.

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Ameya Hivarkar
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