All In One KLWP preset [ Playstore FREE ]

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WARNING: If this app does not come from Google Play, then there is a higher likelihood of it being tampered with or infected. I wont be responsible for any loss of your personal data if you are downloading this preset from unreliable sources.

Please note that this is not a stand alone app. You must have KLWP Pro installed on your device.

— Minimalist design
— Beautiful central clock which can be used to show/hide App Dock, Music Player, Quick Toggles and Preset Settings.
— Whole preset is designed using only Shapes, Font icons and Texts.
— Google Search and Google Voice Search options on default screen along with App Drawer icon.
— Four awesome wallpapers and matching Font colors to go with wallpapers.
— Switch to hide/show Google search utility.
— Switch to move Dock/App Drawer as per availability of navigation bar.
— Net info and Sim info on settings page.
— Battery indicator and Date info on top corners of screen.
— Blink animations to indicate if music is playing or battery is charging.



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