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NBA 2K21 is a basketball simulation video game played in single-player and multiplayer game mode. This game is Developed by Usual Concerts and Published by 2K SPORTS. This game has a series named as NBA 2K, and this is the 21st game of this series.

nba 2k21 review

NBA 2K 21 was released on 4th September 2020 and this game can be played on various gaming platforms which are,


This game will also be available to play on XBOX SERIES X on 10th November 2020, and the game might also release for PlayStation 5 in 2020.


NBA2K 21 is a basketball simulation video game played in single-player and multiplayer game mode. This game has similarities with previous games in this series. This game has very high and realistic graphics which gives us a realistic feel of this game and we imagine that we are playing basketball in our real life. In this game, the player can control Real life Basketball players, or the player can also use their own customized players to play the game.

In this game, the player controls a Basketball player and needs to play Basketball and complete lots levels and win matches. This game has several different game modes which can be customized, and many settings can be changed in it. There are many different Basketball leagues in which the player can customize their basketball teams which they can use to play the league. The players can customize only up to six teams to play the leagues. The teams can be used to play in both the modes MY LEAGUE and MY GM mode.

NBA 2K21

In this game, there is a new mode added which is MY CAREER mode which was removed from the last few games of the series. MY CAREER MODE is a career mode in which the player can upgrade his character. In this mode, the player can make his own basketball player. The player can make a Male player and as well as Female player, but the female players are not available for the high-end consoles. They are only allotted for next-generation like Playstation 5 consoles. While customizing the character, the player can also customize the player wardrobe, and can also change Haircuts or apply tattoos. The players can also change the player jerseys as they want.

The player can also do workouts or run out drills or increase their basketball skills to give their best performance during basketball matches. This game also features MY TEAM  mode which is in this series from the last 9th games in this series. In this mode, the player can build their own basketball team to play leagues and maintain virtual card collections. There are various levels in this game, and by completing the levels the game gets very complicated and exciting to play.

  • This is a very amazing game to play
  • One should try this game and enjoy playing basketball with their favourite basketball player.

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