History of Video Games

In today’s date, we all know, what are video games? How are they played? Every person in his life has played video games, But anybody has ever thought, how were games invented? When were they invented? Who invented video games? The thing which exists on earth in our period has some kind of history, so today we will see, HISTORY OF VIDEO GAMES.

In today’s date, there are lots of video games made and played globally. But there are only a few people who know, how were video games made? The first game made in the world was made by RALPH HENRY BEAR after world war II. Ralph Henry Bear is also known as Father of video games. He invented the first game named PONG in the basement of the house in the form of a Home – Video game console, named ODYSSEY, which was licensed through MAGNAVOX. But he failed to sell that and make a profit. He was not a Businessman nor he wanted to earn money, He just wanted to invent things for the world and he did exactly that. He was also not noted in any kind of world record book for his any kind of invention. It is said that the Video game industry is the Biggest industry than the film industry.

Inventor Ralph Baer, The 'Father Of Video Games,' Dies At 92 : All Tech Considered : NPR

After the invention of PONG, The company named Atari.inc started making games in the form of Arcade machines, The owner and founder of this company was NOLCEN BUSHNELL. Later the company started making Home – game console. The company then launched Atari 2600 also known as Atari VCS, This console was the first console of the world in which we can play any game with the help of cartridges. There were different cartridges including different games. The cartridge was just needed to be attached to a given slot in the console and play the game.

Atari was the coolest company of that time and they invented lots of games, but the company was destroyed in 1989. Then after that, in Japan, NINTENDO started launching various games, the first video game of NINTENDO named EVR Race was most popular. The company then launched a game named Donkey Kong which was very popular and By taking inspiration from Donkey Kong, The designers of Nintendo SHIGERU MIYAMOTO and GUNPRI YOKOI invented MARIO BROS in 1993, Which got popular around the world and raised the sells of the company and the gaming industry was raised again. This game had lots of sales, 600 units of this game were sold around the whole world. Side by side, SEGA launched SONIC which was also a game-changer for the market, it got more popular than Mario Bros. That time, SEGA launched the game with a new console which was a 16 Bit console and Gaming market took a Boost.


The company started making lots of games, it then launched Mortal Kombat, Which was the only game showing many effects like Blood, Which were never seen in the game. Due to this, The parents started complaining and Nintendo sued them for this. Then the court told the company to put age tags, by the help of the parent knew which games were perfect for their children. In the battle of games, One new company was entered with a new console, the company was SONY, which launched a new console named PLAYSTATION 1 (PS1), which was a 32 Bit console with three-dimensional graphics. This was a game-changer for the gaming industry.

This changed the future of gaming, and now you can see where has gaming reached. That one man who invented the first game in his house basement has made an industry. Now there are many multinational companies making games today. You might play games on 1000 Bit in future, but it was fun playing the first game on earth has different fun.

So never ever fight for a gaming console or PC, be happy with what you have, Because you never know how valuable that thing is.

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Ameya Hivarkar
Ameya Hivarkar
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